Unsure about dialog design

So I made a UI for in game dialog (narration not interactable), but while it doesn’t necessarily look bad, I can’t help but feel it looks off
Any suggestions for improvements? (be as harsh as you want I am not a UX designer)

Colors scheme probably could be a bit better, I probably wouldn’t recommend browns unless it’s a medieval game, you also probably want some sort of texture / pattern.

I’d also recommend adding another frame to remove the bottom corners, similar to this image below

I think the background of the text should be darker to match the color of the name background, the ui’s length should be longer so the text isn’t as clamped. The text should have a font to make it better and maybe color it as well.

Having a darker background for the text would probably clash really badly with the title
I guess having it be longer wouldn’t hurt
It’s already got a font although a different one might be better
I do not know of a color that would work well for the text other than black


sorry for my poor wording choice but I meant you should make the background of the text a bit more darker to fit with the color of the Name background not that it should be darker than it.

Still would look nasty having all of it the same colour
Gonna stick with a complimentary tone

I would recommend using a Canvas Group so you don’t have the UI corner of the top part curve aswell. There is too much contrast between the two frames. I would recommend making the Main Frame a darker shade and bring the top frame’s closer the main frame’s colour. Also, you can make the Main Frame’s Background Transparency 0.2

Dialogue UI