Unsure about Union Fidelity, Game Processing

So im working with a few games that will need minimal memory usage when it comes to their builds because of the size of the games. I have always wondered this and really do need a clear answer, it would be great if it was a little more open information for me.

The question I have is about grouping, and union fidelity. Take the picture below for example, if I unioned all 4 bricks, and set the collision fidelity to box, would it take up less processing in the game than if I were to just group the four bricks? I know that its less of a complex shape the processing system has to deal with after turning fidelity to box, but is is better than grouping?

I think grouping is better since they don’t use too much memory or GPU

Im thinking that, but then there are more bricks that the server has to constantly load when someone approaches it, maybe creating more lag than if it was a boxed union?

Do the grouping. Grouping takes less time to render/generate and saves a lot of memory data

Because for me it doesn’t take too much memory however, if for you it does then make an union. It really depends of the specs of the computer

Grouping isn’t going to do anything for you performance wise, it’s literally just for organisation.

If you union it, you’re going to create a more complex shape and possibly have more issues with collisions as if you set it to a box you’re not going to be able to go inside it.

You may aswell just keep them separated as regular parts, unioning will just make performance worse. More parts does not equal lag, more triangles does.