Unsure if the symbol I am using is against tos

Hello, I am currently creating a plane game and the current plane is a German WW2 plane. To add to the realism, I made it resemble the real deal as much as possible however I am unsure if this is against TOS for the symbol I added on the tail.

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Are you referring to the cross? if so, you should be fine

Yea its just the cross im worried about

Then you should be fine, I don’t think there’s any problems with the TOS about it

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So should i get rid of it or not

That is your decision.

The cross on the fuselage is a military symbol that’s been used many many times on Roblox games.
If they have issues with military symbols then they are going to have lots of people complaining about the loss of their games.

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Can you send the image to Roblox support for approval?

I’ve never heard of it being done. I wonder if you try searching for ‘black cross’ or ‘german cross’ in the images section of the toolbox to see if there are any there. Should be a pretty good indicator of what they think of it.

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I would remove the symbol, kinda looks like the German symbol to me.

Its porbably against tos but i think your absolutley fine.

Ive seen so many games referncing nazis and the soviet union, and there still on the platform. I believe roblox will only moderate a game if the community has a problem with it. (Rip zulu wars). Also because roblox uses bots (i think) to moderate things and a symbol wont be caught (i think). Just do some research.

But, I believe it should be perfectly fine.

Edit: i think germany still uses the cross as an emblem

It is a German military symbol, but think of all the other military symbols (British Roundels, American Stars and Bars, etc.) used on Roblox.
If Roblox moderated those we’d lose a lot of military games, including a B-25 showcase I have.

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