Unsure of how to only animate arms


I made some animations for a project of mine, and in the animation I only want to move the arms, but when it plays it makes the rest of the character besides the arms ‘freeze.’ My goal is to have the default animations for the legs, while animating the arms with my custom animation. I’ve tried changing the animation priorites and searching for results on google, but I’m unable to find anything. Here’s a clip of what I mean.


In the animation you made, are the legs animated with keyframes too?

No they aren’t, I’ve only animated the arms.

Hmm. Is the animation priority set to Action? It never happened to me.

I tried changing it to every one of the four priorities, but I’ll try it one more time.

It didn’t seem to work. Would the looped option on maybe be interfering?

I am not sure. I don’t think the looped action has to do something with the leg problem. How is the animation looking in the editor, can you show us?

Here: animation settings on Vimeo

Have you ever found a solution? Been having the same problem here.

I sadly have not. I think it’s a problem on Roblox’s side because I’ve seen it in a few big games.


Any solutions so far? After almost a year, i expirience same issue.

try making new walking animation whenever player is walking
like making him slower and animation would look like the thing you carry is heavy