Untitled Assassin Game Developer Recruitment

About Us

Hi! We are Splatter Games. You may have know us since we are developing Pirates of the Dead Seas. We are looking to create our second game that is managed by @ineedpotatodev.

Project Details

I really don’t want to give out to much details. The game will be heavily inspired from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. The game will be set in the early 1600s in england. In this game, you can explore the beauties of the lands, meet other NPCS, and raid villages, kingdoms, and towns.

The Team

@ineedpotatodev | UI designer | Head Developer
@rxsebvndit | Manager | Head Developer
@could be you | Realistic builder
@could be you | Realistic Modeler
@could be you | Main programmer
@could be you | SFX
@ShhMarcus | GFX

About the Job

You will be creating the world. This can be from villages to farms. Your job will be making the world around you as beautiful as possible! The build style is mid poly to realistic.

You will be modeling environmental decoration, vehicles, props, and more! We want to make sure the models are realistic as possible!

You will be making music and sound effects for the game! More details will be provided in dms.

You will be making thumbnails, icons, and in game UI GFX.


As of now, we are paying percentage. If we get invested or we earn robux, we will pay you with robux. Please note if the game fails I will pay backup payment.

Programmer- 30%
Builder- 20%
Modeler- 15%
UI- 10%
SFX designer- 15%
GFX - one time payment plus 5%
Me- 5%
Rest gos to group funds.


You may contact me on developer forum first saying, Hi, I am interested in ________. please make sure you have past work or a portfolio before you apply. If I like your work, we will take it to discord.

Thanks for reading you just be 13 years or older to apply.

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