Untitled RTS game | 1000 NPC Stress test

Hi guys, I’m working on my game in the RTS genre and did a little stress test.

About the demo, I made 1000 server NPCs with a full pathfinding and fighting system.

A little information, in the test I used a computer based on AMD Radeon 5 5500U with Radeon Graphics and with 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM.

Little Update Of Optimization


Really cool test! Have you tried stress testing with an fps unlocker?

No, I’m not using fps unlocker

Okay I think you should test it with one because Roblox limits your framerate to 60FPS. (I’m guessing for Vsync so your computer doesn’t blow up for running at 1,000 fps.)

Well, i don’t think every player will use fps unlocker with my game in very big battles. So i don’t think this test necessary.

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Are you using humanoids? If so, that’s pretty impressive!

I’m using my own custom humanoids.


Little update, now game can handle 1000 npc with ~ 50 fps.

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Roblox probably caps refresh rate at 60 to compensate for bad practices, such as using RenderStepped on things you shouldn’t. There is only so much FPS you can get and your CPU won’t go above a certain usage anyway.

Well I mean yeah, it really does save our computers from blowing up.

You should move those units both on client and server side, so the client makes the movement smoother and server only corrects the client sided simulation. Ofc you should move those units in separated thread from the main one as it could lead to the lags, same for the minimap. Those systems should be separated from the main thread.

All those units are server based, and client already use multithreading, about movement, npc have animation fps depending on distance from camera.

That’s not how it works, also since you meant it in the literal way no component is going to blow up on you in the 20th century.

Btw, do you script those animations or create a single character and just copy those relative cframes of the character’s center?

Could you uncopylock the game place?