UntrackedMemory, PhysicsParts, and some graphics things are causing memory to be high


I was playtesting my game with a couple friends and some of them complained about lag so I decided to look into it and I found that ‘PhysicsParts’ was quite high, how do I reduce it?

I might have an idea as to what it is, probably locally cloned/created parts but how can I be sure? Is there a way to make a special debug category for specific parts similar to debug.setmemorycategory() for parts?

Maybe that isn’t even my issue but my game runs steadily around 700-800mb of memory which I think is an issue.

The most apparent one is probably PlaceMemory which runs around 300mb at full graphics

UntrackedMemory is also sort of worrying me because it’s running at 190mb and seems to gradually increase. Any ideas?