Unusal Meshes in Roblox studio

When i exported a terrain from blender to roblox I get a really strange look from the mesh in a particular view.
Screenshot (192)
But when i look from the top I can see the mesh part.
Screenshot (193)

I have no Idea of how to change this error.

This is because your meshes faces are on the wrong normals.

To View Normals/Faces
Image from Gyazo

More explained response here

I have tried the face orientation but it would not work, the post you have shown me was before the 2.8 Blender update which had many things changed.

It’s backface culling. Select the whole mesh in edit mode and then go to the mesh then normal and then press flip.

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I sent you a GIF of the newest version on how to see the faces, relatively everything for that should be the same.

Select the faces which are red (the incorrect normals), go to Mesh > Normals > Flip, make sure all are blue then reimport it, this should work. (Sorry if pictures are pixelated)




Thanks, It seems to work now! I can now see the sides in both points of view.


You’re welcome! If all are blue you are good to go! As mentioned by @WillMorningstar