Unwanted + unnamed dock is an option for docks in-studio

Currently, there is an unknown dock or property that doesn’t have a name nor a dock that pops-up once you right click a dock tab (ex. Workspace, Script Analysis) in-studio… which has no use at all.

Could this be removed? It doesn’t serve a purpose other than be bad UX.

How to reproduce:

  • Open studio.
  • Create a new file.
  • Insert / open Workspace.
  • Right click the dock tab and check the list until a blank option shows.

Studio version: 0.473.0.420291 (64bit)

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Unknown dock? Do you mean widget or window, and I’m sorry but I can’t see what’s happening because it’s gets kinda pixelated.

He means like a tab when you right-click to add a dock (like toolbox) which you can drag, etc.

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Looks like an issue with one of your plugins to me:


nevermind, can vouch it’s there:

I can also vouch that it is indeed there and when clicked it opens something which is unnamed and doesn’t have anything in it.



When dragged it’s supposed to say what it’s called at the top (like Explorer, Properties etc.) But it just says “RobloxStudio”.


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.