Unzip Zip Archives

is there a way to unzip a zip archives on Roblox after prompting import zip file?

What in the what what

unzip a zip archive files. in plugin we can prompt other extension file, and i make it zip file, and can I unzip it in roblox or maybe lune?

So you want to unzip a .zip file using Luau?

yeah it’s possible you just need to find a module, I use the prompt to import a custom file format which is in zlib and base64 and decompress it into functioning data that I can use.

this thread may be useful to you:

Do you use GitHub - zerkman/zzlib: zlib-compressed file depacking library in Lua or do you use this? GitHub - xhayper/zzlib.luau: zlib-compressed file depacking library in Luau

I believe either would probably work, but since the 2nd one uses luau it’s probably faster and more optimized for roblox so use that.

wait for input its the content of the zip so like string or what? Cause I’m kinda confused here. Thanks!