Up rates for avatar bodies

As someone who enjoys creating avatar bodies ( (5) Catalog - Roblox), I believe that the 30% robux we receive from their sales is far too low to justify the amount of work that goes into them.

Unlike normal UGC accessories, creating avatar bodies requires knowledge of weight painting, caging, etc. My first avatar body ( Manacat - Roblox) required over 50 hours of work. I have been an experienced animator and character modeler on the platform for several years, and regardless, it still took this much time commitment to troubleshoot/bug fix, model, rig, animate, and texture my model (troubleshooting/bug fixing taking the vast majority).

What is the point of creating avatar bodies if we obtain the same amount of robux as accessories, but with a price floor of 0, and an excessive amount of work?

Cat Critter - Roblox

I charge ~500 robux for my bodies, and after doing some basic math, for about the ~6 dollars USD people spend on my bodies, I only get 50 cents.

This NEEDS to change if Roblox wants high quality bodies on the platform.