[Up to 10k Robux per month] Revlo is looking for a Recruiter!

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A Recruiter’s job is to:

  • Make applications.
  • Interview people.
  • Review candidates.
  • Seek for young talents.
  • Constantly be on the lookout for potential employees.
  • Keeping track of potential employees.
  • Registering official “pre-candidates” for a job.
    (People will DM you with the job they might want in the future, and you will need to keep track of them and DM them as soon as theres people wanted for that position.)

  • 14 Years of Age or older.

  • A good understanding of English. You need to be able to understand others and others to understand you.

  • Basic knowledge of how business management works, and how video games are done.

  • Good writing and negotiation skills.

  • Good organization; big lists.

  • Being very good at research and talent hunting.

  • Being able to recognize:

  • Being able to create and ask additional questions to better determine the best candidate.

  • Have knowledge in interviewing.

  • Have patience.

  • Have some spare time.

  • Have time during the weekend AND the week.

  • Have experience with recruiting people.

  • Have game development knowledge.

  • Have good speaking skills.

  • Experience with interviewing.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree.



  • DM Lirdo#0420 for any questions.

  • Only submit me when you’re serious and reviewed the job.


  • Submit YOUR OWN application (include EVERYTHING YOU CAN IN IT) and DM the Human Resources Executive - Just_Gork (Lirdo#0420).

  • A salary of 5k ROBUX / Month.

  • A badge and a role in all our servers.

  • Friendly environment where you can be introduced to Roblox Development and start/expand your roblox business journey.

  • We sign your portfolio.

  • Lots of advice from seniors.

  • You’ll gain valuable experience.

  • If you work for over 3 months you get gadgets including a mousepad for completely free.

  • In-game gamepasses for free.

  • Free discord nitro if you work for over 2 months.

  • Monthly Bonuses up to 5K additional ROBUX.

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