[Up to 10K ROBUX] Scripter needed for Fist-Fight Combat System [TAKEN]

About Us

Hey there, we are independent developers looking for a temporary scripter that can provide a commission of a fist-styled combat system.

The Team
@RileyKuzco - Project Manager
@HenriKuzco - Animator

About The Job

We require a scripter that can allow us to have a more advanced combat system that would require skill to improve, with an area where the system can be used (basically just an invisible part that allows the tool to be used). We will ensure the animations are done in our part, we just need someone to code it.

We are expecting that this could be done within 2-3 weeks. We aren’t in a rush to get this out however we would appreciate that this can be done sooner, the better, as we would like to test this combat and ensure that it all works before we implement it into our project that we are making.


We can pay through ROBUX or USD, depending on the preference on which you accept payment. Prices are able to be negotiated if expected to need more.

Contact Us

You can contact me through the form, or for a way faster response, please add my discord: riley#1234.

  • Applicants should at least be over the age of 13.
  • Applicants should be able to utilize Discord, as this is how we will communicate.
  • Applicants should at least have a year of experiance, with a portfolio that displays their work.
  • Applicants should be expected to be active and ensure communication is active to provide progress updates.

Hope to hear from some people soon!

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