[up to 150K or %] Hiring Animators to join my team

About the job


I need an animator to make me around 70 anims. If you cant handle the workload, I can have it split between a few more animators.

I need anime attacks like the some of the ones shown below:
RWBY - Raven Vs Cinder (Full Fight) - YouTube

We will provide the models necessary for these anims.

UI Designer => CLOSED

We need a UI Designer to design the whole UI for our game.
all the ui are stylish, like phantom forces


The Team

@Embedded77 - Scripter
@Modeast - 3D Modeler/Builder
@Jupiterc UI Designer


Job Payment
Animator 100k-150k limited or 5-10%. I would prefer paying percent

My portfolio: Embedded77 | Scripter, Site Programmer



Don't say "send me the friend request", either post the portfolio in my dms or on this topic, or send the request to me on discord.


Price doesn’t have to be 100k, can negotiate it.

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Hi, I’m interested in animating work. I’m very good at doing all kinds of animations. If you want more information, contact me at discord: ronald_YT # 4379

You’re doing what I specifically said not to do

Still need developers to fulfill these roles.

I’ve contacted you on Discord! I will be sending examples through DMs.

sent you a request I am ImjustaStufful#5873

Accepted it
@prTESTAQ accepted it

View my portfolio here: [Open] Jupiterc's 2D art and UI (Gamepasses, headshots, emojis, banners, etc)

If my style fits shoot me a request at Repentless#7834

I’m interested Dan999plus | UI Designer

Zoxian#7341 sent you friend request on discord

No longer need a ui designer, only hiring animator now.

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