Cleetus Attack all started when once, Flamingo had decided to clone himself. What he did not know is what horror it caused to the world. Soon enough, the clones decided to keep cloning and cloning and soon enough all the clones were corrupted. It is your job to escape several maps including multiple maps to finally find the safety building you have been looking for in the mountains. Trying to get a signal to Flamingo to stop these clones with his kill code. You have 10:00 minutes to escape each map, if failed the buildings will start corrupting and collapsing by the Cleetuses.

To escape you must have your guns set, knives ready, to defeat all the Cleetuses. Find the keys to the correct doors and escape as soon as possible! Best of luck.

Due to copyright reasons, the name Albert (Flamingo) May not be included as we are pending on permission. Meaning some of the storylines may be changed.



We are currently in need of one experienced scripter, within taking this job. You must be willing to spend a long term time with ourselves, as this upcoming game will include many chapters.

This scripting job must have the abilities of the following:

  • Must be able to complete all UI design given at time to time.
  • Must have the ability to script a game admin GUI.
  • Scripting in-game bots. * Any questions on this one, please ask.
  • Must be able to script all weaponry. * Guns, RPGs, etc.
  • Have the ability to script time to time live events.
  • Lastly, the ability to script a full one cutscene.

More can be provided more scripting services once taken the job, please remember we would like an experienced scripter. Do NOT apply for this position if you have less than 1-year experience.


We are now also hiring a long-term animator for Cleetus Attack, long-term does mean you can be spending months and months with ourselves.

Applying for this position will require the following:

  • High-Quality animations, having a full understanding of what you are doing.
  • At least 6 months of experience with animation.
  • Understandable animations.

We are also currently looking for a UI designer, once again you are willing to spend a fair amount of time with this upcoming game.

Applying for this position will require the following:

  • Ability to create High-Quality UI designs for the game.
  • Must have had at least 1-2 years with either; photoshop, or any other designing apps.
  • Quite realistic UI experience.

Lastly, we are hiring a texture artist. If you are wishing to apply for this position, you are always needing to be on call for this position. As we will need you here and there for many textures.

Requirements for this do list just a realistic non-free model texture.

Within all of this information, you MUST be 14+ to apply for these positions above.



These are the following payments for all of the positions:


15-25,000 ROBUX. Per-map finished, fully scripted, and tested.
120-150 USD / CAD. Per-map finished, fully scripted, and tested.


18-35,000 ROBUX. Game fully finished, excepting smaller payments for those future maps coming out.
180-300 USD. Game fully finished, excepting smaller payments for those future maps coming out.


150-2,000 ROBUX. Per-asset / model fully textured and approved.
1.50-20.00 USD. Per-asset / model fully textured and approved.

With the amount of funding going into this game, it may seem prices are a bit low. There is a full-on payment, even if the game fails but cough we do have a quite strong backbone into this game not being a flop. * All prices are negotiable


5-9,000 ROBUX. Per-map finished, fully scripted, and tested.
50-90 USD / CAD. Per-map finished, fully scripted, and tested.

! Payments for Cleetus Attack will not support any other currency than USD / CAD. !

Currently, we are being picky on the developers who we are picking. Yes, there is an upfront payment before you do start building.

This can only be through PayPal through a secure payment, meaning you will be paid the certain amount, will not be reached to your account until the certain development needing to be done is complete.

Yes, you can reach out to PayPal and ask them about this statement above. If you would like to be paid with the ROBUX amount, you will be told to do it in a separate and private studio. Until proven done you will be paid.



Currently, we are keeping our Discord Messages in a secure zone for those who have been hired only.


Our first resource we highly prefer all developers to contact us is through e-mail, if you decide to contact us via e-mail please send your resume to us. You will get a response within 24HRS if you have gotten the part or not.

E-mail: dev@cleetusattack.com

Following requirements for e-mail:

  • Must include age, date of submission.
  • You must include images of your previous work for your applying position.
  • You must provide the link to your ROBLOX profile.
  • Please include your Discord username (Including Tag).

Our second resource is through DevForum, you may formally message us your resume or portfolio through DevForum DMs.

Following requirements for DevForum:

  • You must include images of your previous work for your applying position (portfolio).
  • You must provide the link to your ROBLOX profile.
  • Please include your Discord username (Including Tag).

Currently here are the current number of developers we have and still need.

Building: 6/6
Scripting: 0/1
Animation: 1/2
UI design: 2/2
Texture: 3/3

  • Extra Design / Building: 1/1

All Spots that are not filled are free for all developers that meet standard requirements.

We HIGHLY advise all applicants to review there email every day, as once you do get the email back we will ask for approval for this job. * Meaning you will have 24HRS to respond if you would like this job or not.

If you sadly do not meet the requirements of ourselves, you will be given a message as well.

If you are accepted and approved, we will ask for your Discord and will be added to a Developer GC.

Thank you for reading!
Hope to hear from you all soon!


I seem interested for the UI position: [LIMITED] loueque | Enthusiastic Programmer, UI Designer Portfolio

Roblox Profile: paperbagger - Roblox


Great, I will forward it to my staff team. You will get a DM on DevForum within the next 24HRS.


Did you only need 1 UI designer?

Yes, as we want the same design rather than 2 UI designers having different designs.

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I am interested in the UI position: https://devforum.roblox.com/t/open-astraaxis-ui-designer-creative-director-game-designer-and-planner-render-artist-composer-and-graphic-designer/510955
Roblox Profile:https://www.roblox.com/users/51327145/profile
Discord Tag: CharlieJimenez#5249

Alright, makes sense! Have a good day

I’m interested in the texture artist position of your game. I have experience with blender texturing as well as studio texturing. View my portfolio here:

If you find this interesting, dont hesitate to contact me on discord at Melz#1313. Thanks!

Hey, interested in the UI Designer position if still open:

Hi, am a very experienced modeller and am asking if u do need one if so message me on discord: TheBlackGOD#9843

Hi, I’m have 3 year experience in roblox studio and this is my porfolio

Awesome! I will get back to you as soon as I can. : D

How are you gonna make the game if your Roblox account is deleted?

Hey when will we know whether we got the job, and have u received my email, My email is H^^^th.sh^^^ad@gmail.com (not saying full email for obvious reasons)

Roblox is already reviewing the problem, as the ban was due to similar problems that have happened in studio. Used a car model for a fun race, and they put something in the game. : )


Hi, am a 3d modeller i would like to join this development team as i have a lot of experience modelling. Please send me a message on discord and am very serious about joining this team. Discord: TheBlackGOD#9843

Alright, thank you for applying!

Greetings, everyone!

We are now looking for the position of animator! If you are a professional animator, please do not be afraid to contact us if interested.

Read above for more information about this position.

Hello! I have applied over email and the subject is under Animator Application, i’ve included my portfolio and everything you need in said email, I hope to work with you soon.

Best regards,

OutPraised, Jack

Awesome! I will get back to you as soon as I can. : )