[Up to R$ 10K] Hiring a CREATIVE DIRECTOR for a story game!

Hey there! I am Awesome_Dev and I am currently looking for someone to become the CREATIVE DIRECTOR of my game.

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Complete a semi-completed storyline
  2. Draw concepts of potential characters and models
  3. Provide new and creative ideas to contribute towards the project
  4. Help keep up on progress of other developers, and make sure it looks similar to what was imagined.


I don’t have a whole lot of requirements for this job. The main ones are:

  1. Can draw . This is the one of the most important ones, you must have a good hand to draw, for concepts and other things. It doesn’t matter if you draw digitally of draw on paper (although if on paper, colour is needed), but you must be able to draw good representations of things.
  2. You must have a creative mind. The other extremely important thing, I mean, this is a creative director position, so I guess being creative is quite important
  3. You have to be actively online, and write the story-line. I will have the start and the ends, and you need to write what happens inbetween . It is in a similar style to FTZ (field trip z) or the camping series.

Check them out:

I want to follow this type of style, with things like voting in choices, and events that occur as such.


Of course, you will receive payment for your work. I am offering 10K robux is completed, 5k when halfway done and another 5k when the game is finished. I will also offer a % if needed during the development of the game to keep you engaged and willing to see the game through.

How to apply

In order to apply:

Step 1: Prepare the following:

At least 2 examples of your artwork (with proof that you drew them if possible)

A short snappet of your story writing work (about 100 words or so). If you do not have one, you can choose to write one in a topic of your choice (preferably in play / scripture form, with stage actions, and people speaking)

Step 2: Join this Discord Server:

Step 3:
Message me (Awesome Dev) with the things you prepared

Step 4:

I will contact you as soon as possible! If I like your art style and your story snappet, I will give you part of the story to continue from, as another test. I will then shortlist all applicants.

Thanks for taking your time to read through this! I hope to be working with you soon! :slight_smile:


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