Upcoming Ads Roadmap and Changes

Personally I don’t really understand how User Ads are more intrusive than Immersive Ads. User Ads are (in my opinion) great because they show up on the website before you join a game, that way if you’re trying to find a new game to play it can be perfect and non-intrusive. But with Immersive Ads, you will only see them while already inside of a game which can make using them not as useful if you want to play the game you’re in. Instead of just being an advertisement, it can feel unnecessary and a part of the game which I find myself often just plain ignoring.


Thank you so much for pointing that out


Oh thanks, I didn’t see that, I was about to quite roblox development because i thought you had to pay real life money to use sponsers and you had to be over the age of 18 to use advertisements, A relief after seeing this


So, I think this is a W update.

very good


Until this is made available to users 13+, to my understanding you don’t need to be ID verified to prove your age as 18+, theoretically there is nothing stopping you from creating another account which is 18+ and run the sponsor from there.


Glad this is being changed and robux to ad credit is being added, shows the team is listening to some of the ads manager feedback raised on the initial post. :heart:

Doesn’t solve the other issues related to immersive ads though…


Looks at post
Wow, this is worthless!


We will soon be sharing more information about how to use Ad Credit. Additionally, we are happy to inform you that Ads Manager will be accessible to users over the age of 13. Stay tuned for more updates.


Will you have to have an ID with the account or any other type of verification?


This updates a big yikes from me dawg…

so, another thing that we will need to show our id for or will it just be based off of account age?

Edit: I am NOT giving all this information just let us use robux bro :skull:


Made an account and realized I selected the wrong timezone, went to edit that detail and its greyed out?


I hope they at least make it so you have an Email verified.


Mmm i think the usd for sponsors is a horrible idea

it’s just gonna make this place an even worse place for indie devs, you are killing them in favor of corporations


No, i believe it converts your robux into usd credits or smthng, that’s apparently what i heard


you can purchase ad credits with robux so i don’t think that will be an issue


I’m not sure what bothers me more – the removal of User Ads, or the lack of criticism regarding it. I genuinely do feel like these ads are integral to the Roblox ecosystem. They allow developers without real-world money (edit: I’ve read into credits – the problem still exists.) to get a kick start on their experience. They give the website a unique charm not seen on other platforms – a fundamental element of Roblox’s culture. They aren’t anymore “disruptive” than generic branded ads you see elsewhere – they are truly organic unlike the “organic content” found on the Homepage. This pivot away from creators and towards brands is just simply wrong.


stay tuned as we work to improve groups discovery over the long term. In the meantime, you may want to consider channels outside of Roblox or other creative ways to promote your content

This has been said over and over again for almost a decade now regarding groups and improving the overall experience for them. Currently finding unique communities is ludicrously difficult – search terms are bizarrely wrong and lean too far into literality or broad. Removing these ads without an immediate solution effectively puts the last nail in the coffin for groups and their discoverability. I understand the priority of groups and community making on the platform has shifted, however, it’s something that made Roblox a “metaverse” of sorts. The ability to experience a world unlike your own - in a community of your choosing.



I have a suggestion on how to make advertising more seamless:

  • Don’t require verification to create ads.
  • Don’t block <18s from creating them.
  • Don’t require a separate account to create them.
  • Don’t require a home address.
  • Don’t require Robux to be converted into USD before they can be used.

Personally, I found the workflow of Create Sponsorship > Set Budget > Run to be quite seamless. I ran a sponsorship this morning in under 60 seconds despite not having used the menu for months.


Yeah for some odd reason, it will earn roblox less money and roblox is a corporation which basically means they do these updates for more money.


To this point of the current flow,

I will run dozens of different sponsors every single weekend just as part of the A/B testing process (which is a pretty critical step to optimizing user acquisition on any game on or off roblox). I will also need to launch campaigns, splitting up spends into different users. That workflow is repeated dozens of times again. If we do not get a dedicated A/B testing capability any added complication to the process will become expensive and untenable.

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In other words, if currently 5,000 Robux earned in my game are equivalent to $52 for advertising purchases, after these changes, I will be able to buy as much advertising for 5,000 Robux as for $17.5. That’s a 3-fold difference!!! I’m at a loss for words. The platform already has the highest commissions in the gaming industry, and now it will take three times more Robux to attract the same number of users as before. No free2play game’s unit economics will work out like this, except for the most money-grubbing ones.