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Although the title is clear already says what I need, I am willing to make Asset Packs for the community, and some to sell (in the future). I enjoy doing things like this for the community, and some recognition is always appreciated. I am a Brazilian developer :brazil:, I have been developing on Roblox for about a year and a half, in this time I improved on map creation and modeling, I am popularly known as StreetRBLX (or Streeteenk).

How can you help me?

Simple, I need your idea, you can give me a theme even a list, images or the like are interesting, the theme is free, but the assets will be Low-Poly in Flat shading style.
I plan on doing about 40-80 assets per pack. Each pack will have a unique theme.

If you support this, please leave your vote in the poll below.

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Also, I don’t know if this is in the best category, but it’s the best I could do, since I don’t have access to #development-discussion .

Thank you for read.


Why don’t you do like, a low-poly medieval pack?



I forgot to mention that there will be no UV Mapping, so you can make free use of colors in the models.

Also, I already made some free packs, you can see:


(not 100% made by me \/\/\/)





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I recommend trees and shrubs, as low poly versions of those are desperately needed in the community. Maybe even sticks and rocks, or anything low poly that you would put to add to the game that isn’t a major object.



I’d be willing to join you to create some good assets for the Roblox community! Like someone suggested, maybe we should start with a low poly pack as that seems to be a hot topic in Roblox right now.


I agree with @phenomizon. I remember trying to find some low poly plants yesterday, and had no luck. I decided to just make a bush. There are a lot of plants, but not a lot of them are low poly. I also think it’s really cool that you’re doing this!


Low Poly is everywhere now. Its a shame you eon’t be making some non-los poly builds. :confused:

Other than that I appreciate your contribution to the community and will keep and eye on this forum.


Well, I wouldn’t say this is a pity, not everyone can use high-poly templates. So I can’t make a model like that and say it’s from the community (for y’all), unfortunately. :confused:
In addition, there are reasons for Low-poly everywhere: performance. However, thank you for submitting your opinion. :grin:

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Low-poly is becoming exponentially popular. But as a self-proclaimed hipster, I like to deviate and stand out. When everyone is using low-poly builds, games start looking the same and no game stands out anymore except those that deviate.

There should be an equilibrium in this regard.


How about a cel shaded pack? Like the style from Wind Waker, Borderlands, etc.

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Can you give me a example? I don’t know what are you talking about.

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It’s a very simplistic style, and often or not makes things look more cartoony.

Here’s an article that can explain it better than I can:


Ah understood. This pack will be directed to Roblox, and I believe it is not possible to get results like that, but I will try to find out. The pack will be open for any non-commercial purpose (such as selling it). Then people can customize things as they please.

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I would consider making some high quality assets. I hate this stigma that low-poly means it has that triangular simple look to it. Most game do in fact use low poly meshes because in the end, low poly really does mean low poly. Some “low poly” builds actually contain many triangles in them which doesn’t even make them low poly!

I know. I just think that the whole cartoonish 3 block style gets boring after a while. ;p

I would consider making a, (nature pack) i know with the nature plants added to. The pack it will really help other user’s finding other! Vegetation details that are mostly in rain forest, forest, or scenery, such as mushrooms, logs, weeds, ect. As a low poly forest pack i think those, are mostly needed since people make nature scenery! And forest showcase with other, different vegetation plants as i see the community mostly. Needs this added as well for myself and, then you could maybe include some other vegetation! Details such as vines and broken trees, there could be a bunch of other nature plants that you. Could include in one pack however i would try doing something! Like that i know people will need this. Since they make islands, forest, showcases, featuring other details that could be used in this one. Pack overall it’s really cool to see you are starting to, make different kind of “Asset Packs” for the community to enjoy i! Know it will really help.


Nature pack is coming. Thank you all for the ideas and feedback.