Upcoming change to Leaderboards on the Game Details Page


A nice add-on of the player point leaderboard was the ability to click on a player’s profile and see what types of players get super high on a game’s leaderboard.

Is there, or would it be a good idea to have an API for a user to click and it opens a webpage of a player passed into the argument?


I hope this will give us the ability to delete & change stats on the leaderboard.
This could be used to set a player’s highscore in a level.
However, exploiters and bugs are around and cheating your way to the top would be troublesome,
so the ability for the developer to remove certain stats from the leaderboard would be very much appreciated!


Hey everyone, the changes previously announced will be going live today. Please feel free to respond to this thread if you have any additional questions.


Will this ever come back in the future?


See the first post. They won’t come back in the same form, they are working on a more scalable/usable solution to replace it.


When might that be though? Still waiting for the alternative to the forums.


See the first post.

At least it’s on the roadmap.


Now. Using OrderedDataStores, you can create leaderboards far more powerful and customizable than what we had previously. Official leaderboards were limited to tracking one generic score, while OrderedDataStore leaderboards can track so much more:

  • Fastest time for each individual racing map in the game
  • Most money made in a single match
  • Win/loss ratio
  • Number of zombies killed with traffic cones
  • etc

Leaderboards being removed isn’t a loss of functionality – we already have a much better alternative available.


We don’t have a better alternative to displaying on the website. It’s a far more gratifying experience if your score is displayed on the front page of the game in favor of in-game. It has a different impact, and you can more clearly transmit that this user is among the top players.


There’s not really a difference between a leaderboard on the game details page and a leaderboard displayed in the lobby of the game. Any perceived difference is due to confirmation bias induced by x feature being removed. You guys would be taken a lot more seriously by engineers if you looked at things objectively instead of getting up in arms every time something changes.


I personally never looked at leaderboards on the game details page. They were pretty bare-bones to begin with, and ingame boards were usually more informative. Outside of the context of the game, I’m also usually not interested in seeing the leaderboards.

Very interested in seeing this though.


No, there is. It being on the website. It’s fine if you disagree with that.

You guys would be taken a lot more seriously by engineers if

This does not help anything. It’s simply a loss of a feature, and no it is not replaceable by us. Why would we be jolly about it


Objectively speaking:

If in the front of your page you have a full leaderboard with rankings from the past days, users quickly notice that your game is active and competitive. It’s one of the few tools we had to make our game front-page actually informative and inviting.

There are alot of competitive players that will strive to master your game for the simple reason they saw someone get to the top of that leaderboard.


Yeah, what makes this somewhat different is they haven’t deprecated the PointsService yet :stuck_out_tongue:. I was wondering what happened to the leaderboards and just found this.


Any progress on this? It’s early 2019.


I am also wondering about the new leaderboard system.


Also eagerly awaiting it’s return :eyes:


I am interested in this new leaderboard system. What will it look like without player points? Will it have more customization?




I am stoked for the release.