Upcoming change to Leaderboards on the Game Details Page


Hey Developers,

As Roblox continues to rapidly scale we are always looking for ways to further improve the experience of our community. Due to Leaderboards experiencing scaling issues we ran into many challenges that prevent us from continuing support for it. In November 2017 we made a post, in regards to the removal of the “All Time” leaderboard to help us scale and provide us more time to improve leaderboards.

After analyzing and reviewing the feature, we have decided to retire support for the Leaderboards stats displayed on the game details page in favor of creating a new system that will scale and remain stable. Continuing to maintain this feature would have required countless months of engineering effort and would have prevented us from working on more important features. Within the next few weeks we will be sharing a public roadmap of features that are in development to give you more insight into what is on the horizon, including full ability, for you as the developer to create detailed leaderboards. We are currently targeting late 2018 - early 2019 for this.

We expect to remove the existing game details page leaderboards in a couple of weeks and will follow up on this announcement once it has been officially removed. Do not worry, the player points API will continue to function but we recommend using data stores if possible because they provide all of the functionality that player points do but are more likely to be supported long term.

While we work on improving our Leaderboards, we suggest developers create in-game leaderboards if needed. We have several tutorials and documentation pages on leaderboards, data stores, and any other knowledge you might need to get started on our Developer Hub.


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Return of the leaderboards :tm:

nevermind rip leaderboards


I see a deprecated PointsService in the distance.


Lol but a new system is coming


As long as player leaderboards come back, im fine with them being removed for now, the removal of the daily and all time leaderboards already made them useless :yum:(at least to me).




The fact that this removal is tied to showing there’s already plans for a bigger, better solution is a fantastic thing to see! Do hope we’ll still be able to see entire groups get ranked on leaderboards. It was really interesting to see which communities played more, and performed better.


Maybe an API similar to OrderedDataStores


With the removal of leaderboards being official, will we expect to also see the removal of the related Clan section of a specific group within the groups page?

If so, would a refund be considered towards those that had spent the R$ 500 in order to unlock this feature?

I doubt it would be removed however I am ambivalent about it.


I like the leaderboards feature, but seeing as you say it will be replaced by a new system this sounds awesome


To be honest, I personally never had a good use for the leaderboards. I see the uses of the website feature, but I don’t think it had so much influence especially given that a developer can just code one in-game to display on some wall panel or something, which would allow them to keep it in the aesthetic of their game. The website list relayed some arbitrary leaderboard value that new players would have little interest in.

The deprecation and removal of this system should, as mentioned, hopefully open the window for some new and innovative ideas to the game page.


Please tell me the new system is an ordered datastore that gets displayed on the website where the developer sets which one to pull from and can set the name displayed; :crossed_fingers:


It would be pretty cool if we could reflect an OrderedDataStore onto the Leaderboard tab. Maybe give it our own custom label as well?

Only issue is that ODS keys can be arbitrary, so it would have to be some sort of expected value like UserId.


I see what you mean by scalable. It currently takes over a second to award PlayerPoints in Ultimate Boxing, which is either due to the slow process of getting them or setting them (or both). Since this is happening, I am thinking of just removing PlayerPoints from my game and any future ones in favor of stat specific leaderboards, which already exist.


All these website changes makes me think that the long awaited Group overhaul/revamp is on its way soon!


Seems like this will open some new real estate in the games details area… hopefully something cool will take it’s place.


I’m skeptical. There’s a concerning trend of removing features and using the promise of a replacement to soften the blow. More times than not that replacement never comes. As a developer that relied heavily on the leaderboard feature, hopefully this time will be different :confused:


The roadmap is something I’m very very very excited to see, thank you for sharing the current plans for the future!


I’m fine with it beining removed aslong as you’ll find a replacement and be honest about what you wrote (cough its funny how people forgot about the promise roblox made after killing discord cough)

I would love to see an improved version and give PointsService actual point.

(But its not like I used it)


What could be done for the new system is give us more freedom rather than setting a currency you could make a service that allows us to set all of it. Up to 3 statistics, the name, etc. What the old system helped me do and the only thing it helped me do was see who was exploiting and then patching the data system, which also made it so that I had to reset all data in the game which is why people got annoyed with me lol.