Upcoming change to the location of CoreScripts

In an upcoming release we will be moving the location of the Roblox CoreScripts from the “content\scripts” folder inside your Roblox Studio installation to the “content\scripts\CoreScripts” folder. If you have OverrideCoreScripts set in your studio and are pointing OverrideCoreScriptsDir to the old install location, your studio instance may experience some undesirable behavior after this change. Simply adding the \CoreScripts to your path will fix this issue.

NOTE: If you are not pointing to the files inside the Roblox Studio install directory but instead to a separate folder on your machine you WILL NOT have to change anything!

This change will allow us to add new types of scripts to the install folder beyond CoreScripts.


That explains why my custom StarterScript broke on gametest2 lol.


I hope it didn’t create too much inconvenience. Did my suggested changes remedy the problem?

Nah I just had to move it into the CoreScripts folder. Its no big deal.

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