Upcoming Game: High School DxD: Reborn

Hey there im poisonsong also known as Citrouilless
I’m here to create the idea of a new High school DxD permanent death game. You will be able to join one of three factions, Fallen Angels, Angels, Devils

I need developers for modeling
Divine Dividing Wings, Balance Breaker, Juggernaut overdrive

Boosted Gear, Balance Breaker, Juggernaut overdrive
Sword Birth, Balance breaker
True Longinus (Spear)
Canis Lykaon

I need builders to work on
The Human Realm Map it will just be a large city in japan called Kyoto

I need scripters to script whats created
To work on what is made and some non modeled sacred gears like Twice Critical (Doubles user stats 2x)

I need GUI artists to multiple gui’s
including: Home screen

Currently there will be no payment I can offer a percentage however until it releases we wont get a form of payment.

Contact: Contact me at cit#9701

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