[UPCOMING GAME] New Purge inspired Battle Royale!


We are happy to announce the official alpha release of Midnight Mayhem, an all-new and unique Battle Royale game. Midnight Mayhem features custom gameplay mechanics and framework. Get ready to compete in a 60 player battle through the night featuring vehicle chases and gunfights. Use the weapons you receive throughout the night to fend off others and be the last one standing. Choose to team with as many players as you wish or go solo if you dare to, will you be victorious?

Sneak Peaks

Trailer: Midnight Mayhem (Official Game Release) Trailer - YouTube


You can join our discord here: Discord


It looks nice, but please don’t repost. Is this collaborated? The previous post was created a minute before this one. Not only, the text and screenshots are identical?


It looks Really Sick, I just have one problem you have a custom UI for everything but the weapons and it just stands out and doesn’t look very good for example look at arsenal’s UI
here https://gyazo.com/e11f07da4e57483899e90c09eb843998
(Took this from a JohnRoblox Vid because I couldn’t do it ingame) But overall It looks really good

That’s going to get changed pretty soon. The game is only coming out in alpha and will be paid access.

Hello there,

It looks really good! I think this could be a big game.

I’m sorry about the trailer that takes so long!


Sys. (Aka. Tim)

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Make sure your game is worthy of paid access. People wont pay a lot of robux (like 300-400) for a battle royale.

EDIT: It looks cool though, the map is good I hope the gameplay is just as good. 1st person or 3rd person?

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Oh Ok, But will the paid access be high because I really want to try that out?

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We are honestly sorry if this got posted twice, they were on pending and werent sure if they had been cancelled.

Don’t worry if its paid acces it will not be over 25rbx

Oh okay, that’s good then. Definitely worth the price. :+1:

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