Upcoming Game (NO LONGER IN DEV)

Hello I’m Currently Working on a Pvp and Pve game with a group! This game will be about powers Mysterious power you have gain through a forest. Which is the starting map Exactly where everything is sold and you can buy Gamepasses or item’s through the shops and a a smith will be there to make your swords you can gain your ore’s by mining things around the map. The Main thing I think about this game is a immersiveness. Anyways That’s besides the point I want to know your opinions on the game so far!


well since I don’t know what the game is since you didn’t provide a link to it yet then I can’t give feedback as of now

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Sorry working on how to show pictures xD

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It looks really nice for a simple low poly game. I would like to know what you are going for, but it looks like a simulator to me. Looks really well man keep up the great work


It’s not simulator all though it does seem like it, the reason for the choice of low poly is for players with low end computer Should be able to play this game. But one issue is the amount of tree’s on the map but I’ll most likely make a Anti lag script! Thank you for your response!