Upcoming Game Pillow Paradise! We are looking for testers!

Our game is nearly complete and we hoping you can join us testing

EDIT: 4 / 19 / 2021, you can still be a tester


Get a in game chat tag if you join now as a tester!

It will appear as [Tester in game]

Not only will you get a chat tag, but you will get ranked up inside the group and on our discord server

Game link
Join here the discord server to become a tester!


I would like to become a tester

Awesome I just saw a post on the artist who made the logo lol



Join the discord server :slight_smile:

Sure I will make sure to do so!!

I joined the discord server (I don’t use discord that often so my discord username is kind of weird, just saying.

yeah no worries but i will be posting meet up times for testing there

Ok, I will make sure to meet up when you post on discord.

Can I know who that is? Anyways the game is actually pretty nice! The map is pretty nice and the UI is cool.

I just joined the discord I’m gonna join the group now

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Minor Update 2021 / 4 / 17

-Minor Bug Fixes on the battle arena
-Fixed the global leaderboards not showing because ordered data stores can’t store double values
-Also new gamepass icons from @davedave_awesome



Minor Update 2021 / 4 / 18

Added additional level up gui

Minor bug fixes for battle arena

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Can you still become a tester? :eyes:

yes join our discord server and group and I will rank you up

4 / 19 / 2021

Bug Fixes, added a system where you can’t reset when in battle
Battle arena code improved

Hi there, I’d like to become a tester since I’m on Roblox all day.