Upcoming Lighting change to Obby Creator

Hey everyone!

On the 2nd of December 2022, the Lighting inside Obby Creator will be upgraded to the newer Future Lighting technology. This means your obbies will likely look slightly different, especially if they are dark or include the use of Light effects.

I recommend you take screenshots of your obbies so you know what they look like before the change, as there will be no way to see them with the old Lighting technology again.

Once the change is made, you’ll need to manually adjust each obby to fix any lighting issues that may arise. It will be possible to create a similar look with the new Future Lighting, you’ll just need to experiment a little.

How much of a difference will it make?

Well, each obby will change differently depending on the lighting used. An obby built entirely in the day time with minimal use of Light effects may look the exact same as before. However, an obby which is dark and/or uses Light effects may look slightly different.

For your convenience, I will post some Before/After images of a few different obbies below.


Obby 1: "Pirate Outpost" By XYZCreeper [914371600#7]

Minimal difference as the obby is mostly outside and there aren’t many Light effects.

Obby 2: "Escape School Obby" By logogaming231 [470045568#2]

Minimal difference as there aren’t many Light effects or shadows.

Obby 3: "Magma Madness" By bluecoolest [20819834#1]

Not much difference in the outside sections, but the inside section (pictured) looks different after the change. This is because the Light effects are now much more visible. To fix this, blue would need to move the Light effects to different areas, adjust the range and brightness, and try turning off shadows.

Obby 4: "Doors" By The_SpacyMan [2708458544#1]

This obby looks very different after the change. This is because the room is currently being lit with a single light in the middle of the room. This works well with the old technology, but with Future Lighting the light is more obvious and the illusion is destroyed. To fix this, Space could adjust the Lighting settings inside Global properties to make the whole obby brighter rather than using individual Lights in each room. Plus, turning down the brightness, adjusting the range and turnings Shadows off may improve how the light looks with Future Lighting.

Obby 5: "backrooms gmae" By samuidk222 [158372236#26]

This obby has sections that look different in a good way and sections that look different in a not so good way! But here’s one of the areas where Future Lighting really shines (pun intended). The obby looks much cooler (in my opinion) when the flashlight is used with Future lighting.

Final Notes:

Why are you doing this?

Future Lighting has been available on Roblox for 2 years now. Obby Creator was created before Future Lighting even existed!

I’d love to add Future Lighting as a toggle inside your obby - this way I could preserve the aesthetic of older obbies, and let builders experiment with Future Lighting inside newer obbies. Unfortunately this isn’t possible and Roblox does not let you change Lighting Technology while playing a game (for good reasons which are too complicated to talk about here).

I understand that this change will have a lot of bad consequences initially. I expect a lot of old obbies to look… different, probably worse. But I’m confident that over time this change will allow things to be built inside obby creator that look way cooler.

Tl;dr - What do I need to know?

  • Obby Creator is switching to Future Lighting, a newer Lighting Technology.
  • This will likely change the look of your obbies, especially darker obbies and obbies that use Light effects.
  • Builders will need to adjust the lighting in old obbies. You should be able to make the obby look similar to before.
  • Try adjusting the Brightness, Range and Shadows property on old light effects. Plus, adjusting the lighting settings inside Global Properties will help a lot too.
  • Players using a low graphics setting (I think below 3?) will not notice any difference.

Happy building!