Upcoming Miner Game Hiring!

Hey There! We’re “Simulator Studio”. We’re 2 experienced builders and we want to do our first Simulator game called “Mining Simulator”. Our team is looking for an: experienced builder, modeller,

About The Job

Our plan is to do a “Miner Simulator”. In map there will be 4 area’s.

  1. A area to Mine “Stone , Diamond , Emerald etc” .
  2. A area to Sell Mine’s.
  3. An area to upgrade pickaxe.
  4. An area to upgrade bag.

In game player will mine with her/his beginner pickaxe , beginner bag , sell mine’s , buy better gears. When they go deeper there will be less stone and more expensive mine’s and stronger zombies. When player gets to best gears they can rebith and start with more hp and more damage. It will be very hard to get best mine’s without rebithing.

We are looking for:

Builder: could build low poly and have more than 1 year experience.

Modeller: could do pickaxe and bag.


We are offering:

Builder: %15
Scripter: %15
Modeller: %10
Gui desinger: %8

Of game earnings.

Founder: KartalEgeTR#6829
Founder: Kakanizim#5247
Builder: @CouldBeYou

Contact US

You can contact us via Discord:



You must be 15 years or older to apply

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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