Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action


I can imagine this is a soft limit (won’t immediately affect your game if you accidentally play more), but you should not intend to cross this limit at all. It is against the terms of use if you do. Roblox is able to check which assets are being served in which games.

For boom-boxes and similar items, the easiest implementation to fall within the rules is to either only let users play free-to-take, non-APM music, or to provide a static playlist of which at most 250 tracks are from the APM collection.

It is part of the license under which Roblox provides these assets for use in your games.


if boring elevator music isn’t your style


also going to drop this here
although some tracks are included here that aren’t in the roblox library, most are in the roblox library; and it’s way easier to search using this than pretty much anything else


What if a music wasn’t copyrighted in the first place?


You can upload music that you have the license to. You should check whether a license is provided wherever you download the music, or ask the content creator directly. Do not upload items that you just think you have a license for, you have to be sure.


So if I ask creator if I can use it, and he says it doesnt need a license I can just use it?


Hey Everyone, this is a reminder that this change will occur on Monday. Please be sure to update your game before Monday to avoid any unexpected changes!


Can this be made more understood? Does this mean you can only have up to 250 APM Music tracks? Or 250 APM + Other Licensed Music Tracks?

Also, what is the case for TheFatRat music, for example, where you don’t specifically need a license for it, because it has no copyright?

Like, for example, the description for this video reads as follows:


This only applies to APM tracks. You can have 250 APM tracks + an infinite amount of other tracks, unless the licencor for some of the other tracks you are using also specifies a similar limitation for their audio.

Upload to Roblox with “Music:TheFatRat …” as the description, as mentioned in the video description and you’re done. Any non-APM music is not affected by what’s announced here.


My point was more that I’m wondering if all TheFatRat music that is already on Roblox will just get randomly taken down. (And similar music instances.)


it wont, the opening post says that only certain copy-written music will be taken down, meaning that some music company(like UMG) or something posted a mass dmca/takedown of their content, probably similar to what youtube has where videos with certain songs are not visible in some countries on mobile.


I suspect that license isn’t valid for Roblox. It reads “copyright free music on youtube” (emphasis mine).


Bummer, I guess all the Roblox™ dance clubs are gonna have to switch from playing Avicii™, Tiesto™, and Garrix™ and instead focus on “Chopped Pop” courtesy of APM Music™. What a world we live in.


Instead of playing Avicii they’ll play Avycee


Something tells me copyrighted meshes are next. Good thing I make all of mine myself!


I think this is unlikely, audio copyright detection is pretty widespread. Meshes and 3D models in general, being far less mainstream to copy or distribute, I doubt are going to be effected like music


Yeah, but there was the widespread user mesh purge in 2010. People were using an exploit to import files ripped from Halo, Left 4 Dead, Portal, etc. The Admins removed all of those meshes. Granted, those were from an exploit. So the mere existence of MeshParts is probably proof that ROBLOX isn’t going to crack down on plagiarism in this instance. I’m just playing it safe.


You should never steal the work of others regardless of Roblox banning it or not.


I realize that I’m late to the party here, but I’ve spent a lot of time reading through the post and replies and am still unclear about what changes will have to be made to radio/boombox gamepasses. Before you shoot me down for repeating this question, I’m having trouble finding non-contradictory or clear answers.

For example, I have a radio gamepass in my game that doesn’t include audio directly uploaded to my game, but rather lets the user search the roblox audio library and save songs from it. Nowhere in my game do I have these audio tracks uploaded.

With this upcoming change, will I only be allowed to return 250 song results when searching the library? With the new automated flagging system in place, can I assume that every song playable from the roblox library is licensed (even if the song title is advertising itself to be a copyrighted song)? If I let players directly add a song with an audio ID, will I have to limit their selection to 250 IDs?

Definitely understand the change being made here, just trying to fully understand how it will be rolled out.


I think I can answer most of your questions but @EchoReaper will likely correct me if I get something wrong.

You can use any audios from the roblox catalog with radio gamepasses AS LONG AS they are not APM Music audios uploaded by Roblox - in this case, you will either need to block these audios completely, or have a select list of 250 which you allow song ids from. As far as I can tell from previous posts you’re not responsible if someone else uploads an unlicensed audio that you use in your game, they are.