Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action


@Dev_Tony As per the terms of use (Section 5), Roblox still assumes that you have a license for all content that you upload. The original owner of the copyright will have to complain before Roblox can confirm that content is indeed unlicensed and breaking the terms of use. If the copyright owner does not raise a flag, Roblox itself or any Roblox user has no way to tell whether something is actually breaking copyright (i.e. the developer may have licensed the content in question, for all we know).

@nforeman Please contact the email address provided in the first post.


would boomboxes where users input any audio ID they want be affected?

the audio is only heard locally by the user with the boombox

just curious because I’m not directly using copyrighted material, however it’s probable that users found copyrighted audios within the library and they inputted it themselves.


Look at the staff and top contributor responses throughout the thread, your question has been answered a few times already.


So for clarification:

  • Roblox adds a large library of copyrighted music that devs can access
  • Devs are no longer allowed to upload their own copyrighted music and
    must use the library presets?

This seems faulty considering the fact that plenty of devs do, in fact, own rights to certain songs through services like Apple Music & spotify. Not to mention the search engine on roblox is extremely cancer so nobody would be able to find anything.

Idk it seems like a good way to keep yourselves from getting sued but it still needs to be shown some love tbh.


Absolutely incorrect. You can still upload music that you have licensed or that you created yourself. The upcoming changes will filter content from the website that copyright holders have not given permission for to be on the platform (think about this like YouTube automatically filtering/listing credits on videos depending on music used).

Music produced by yourself, or that you licensed properly, or someone in your team created should not be affected. If it is erroneously affected, you can contact the email in the first post.


How will you be able to tell if we have a license to use it? Also, will people who uploaded copyrighted music receive a refund on the robux spent to upload it? Couldn’t we just leave the music already on roblox and apply this new criteria to new sounds imported so it doesn’t break half the games and audio?


I am not aware of the details of the automated process, but my assumption is that this is a large selection of sounds of which it is known that the publishers specifically do not want their content on the platform. It should not affect your own or your properly licensed music, and you can email developer relations for a correction in case it does.

No refunds will be issued for correctly removed or replaced music. It won’t count against the uploader’s moderation history.

Developers will be alerted before the offensive sounds are replaced/removed. There is a system in place that will replace sounds with “easy listening-style” music such that the sounds will keep working, but will just have a different file attached to them.


just a suggestion to for ease of information

and not specifically targeted to you, but add FAQ to the original post so users don’t have to skim/read 180+ posts

i found it but would’ve been easier to have it marked lol


i’m just going to remove the boombox gamepass from my game. I don’t like the limitations presented and it limits the original purpose of the game pass.


This change represents a large challenge to those with “boomboxes” in their games, but it’s super awesome for literally everyone else. I’m looking through the massive amount of music and I’ve already found a bunch of awesome scores to use in my game.


@silky_dev @CloneTrooper1019

Your game will not be taken down just because you use audio that has been flagged for copyright. Instead, the flagged music will be replaced with easy listening music, and you will be able to replace it.

Once the automated process is turned on, you will be alerted in Studio if the audio files in your game have been flagged for replacement. You can then replace the files with the Licensed Music or other music for which you have a license.


Please include all songs in one email if possible.


What does the replacement easy listening music sound like?


how do you measure creativity?

Devs weren’t given a notice when they spent their earned/bought robux that their music could be removed at any time - that means roblox needs to be very sure that the developer doesn’t have a license to use it before they remove it, and any games that do have a license to use it (even though it was obtained through a third party) shouldn’t have to pay the upload fee to replace the music in their game - it was not communicated that the music could be removed from their game without prior notice. Correct me if I’m wrong, but couldn’t some angry, power-hungry, greedy fool decide they’re gonna sue for this? It seems very taboo… :thinking:


I own legal copyrights to my music via Distrokid and ScreenwaveMedia. How do I make sure I can use my music without having it falsely removed from my possession? Any insight would be great for music creators.


If you run into any issues feel free to email devrelations@roblox.com with the title “Licensed Music” and we can look more into it.


The easy listening replacement audio will be pleasant, light, background music.

Think of what you might hear if you were in an elevator or a lobby or a waiting room.


There are some licenses that allow the redistribution of music for monetary use, and only require attribution to the original author. How will Roblox detect whether developers have given proper attribution?


Hah, I can’t wait to see people’s reactions when they try to blast loud music out their radio and relaxing music comes out instead :grinning:


Uploading content that isn’t properly licensed by yourself has always been against the terms of service. I recommend reading the terms to make sure you are up to date.

Giving refunds to these illegally uploaded assets would also be unfair to the users who did follow the rules properly, it would send the wrong message. Roblox is actually taking a very neutral stance in this, they’re not punishing anyone with moderation actions nor rewarding people with refunds, they’re just taking away the infringing content.

They give you an email address in the first post that you can contact to get any mistakes fixed. The prior notice is this thread. It is not the intention to remove properly licensed music, but mistakes happen sometimes and if they do, you know where to go.

Let’s keep the banter to a minimum. Roblox is already doing a lot to keep people informed regarding this change and to minimize mistakes. No need to be hostile.


Will there be a physical restriction on this?
Is this part of the licence Roblox has acquired?