Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action


Does APM Music also include genres other than the modern stuff and whatever is liked today?

For example, is fantasy / film music found there too? My game is fantasy / medieval based, and I just can’t play modern music right there.

Besides, getting a license for audio isn’t cheap and then an addition of at most R$ 350 is not really appealing, especially to new developers. :worried:

Also, those who did upload copyrighted music, will they be moderated? Because some people just upload the music they like to play on e.g in-game radio’s. It’d be a shame to be moderated for listening to something you love and share it with the people around you.


Will this copyright system also affect any video thumbnails?


Pretty sure Youtube does that for you anyway


There are plenty of genres uploaded by Roblox from APM including film/fantasy.


Awesome, thanks! :slight_smile:
I’ll check the site right now, actually.


Hi ShapeDemBricks,

The APM music list is very extensive, so there should be a lot of options!

RE: your question on moderation:

Starting June 18th, we are rolling out an automated process that will flag and remove certain copyrighted music that is currently on Roblox. It will also prevent any future use of certain copyrighted music.


When I first saw the shear amount of Roblox audio uploaded, I predicted that this would happen. Glad to see that copyrighted audio will be removed!


Okay! So there’s no need to worry about getting (temp) banned and such? It’s just replacement?


do sound effects count? or only music for now??


Also, how will this affect games that have radio game passes? If they play licensed music through the game pass would that count as breaking the TOS?


RIP Musical Chairs @nojustEthan


I am wondering…

Will music by Disney be taken down that are from the actual parks?

I am mainly asking this because I have been working on a simulation experince of Disneyland, and it includes the park music.


When you upload anything to Roblox, you are granting the platform an irrevocable license for pretty much everything. So Roblox could technically use the song for profit even if you didn’t.


It means you need to ensure that all of your users combined cannot use over 250 individual tracks of these licensed tracks uploaded by Roblox. (your entire game may not use over 250 of these tracks) How you implement this is up to you.


It won’t count against your moderation history and the audio will be flagged as copyrighted.


As they own the copyright anyway, there is no reason why you should assume it wouldn’t? All copyright moral stand points anyway…

I guess fair use for educational projects which are non-profit are out the window?


Once the process is run to flag certain copyrighted music, you will get a notification in Studio when you edit the game. This won’t happen until June 18th.


If you don’t have permission to use the music, you can’t use the music.


My guess is that since the audio would be available on the website for everyone who wished to use it, it would be hard to filter its usage between fair use and commercial use.


Just because you’re not making money from it doesn’t make it legal to steal work of others.