Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action


Hey ShapeDemBricks,

We have a specific, automated process that we are following to identify music that we have been requested to remove. This process happens automatically, and you will not be banned or have your game taken down as part of this automated process. This automated process should not affect your ability to DevEx. However, attempting to work around the automated system is against our ToS and can result in moderator action and impact your ability to DevEx.


If the music is copyrighted, then yes because you have no right to use that music


Copyright does not depend on if you get paid or not. You can find out more about copyright on our wiki at http://wiki.roblox.com/index.php?title=Copyright_Guidance


We may make more available in the future, but for now we are finished uploading.


SFX/atmospheric background noise would be awesome as well.


RIP any and all club games/radio gear/radio gamepasses/fun


From what i understand, custom music gamepasses will no longer be viable.

So would the best course of action be to compensate gamepass-owners by giving them some in-game currency, or doing something similar to that?


Does this mean I will not be able to use my despacito remix as the theme song to my game anymore?


You can have a list of tracks that users choose from which consists of tracks licensed by yourself or that other users have marked as being free to use, or from the licensed list that Roblox uploaded (as long as you don’t exceed 250 tracks in total from that collection).

How you solve this issue is up to you. Note that it has always been against the terms of use to have unlicensed music playable in your games.


We will be implementing an automated process which checks audio files that are uploaded to Roblox, as well as audio files that are already on Roblox. After we have implemented this system, you will be alerted in Studio if the audio files in your game are copyrighted. Before that time, if you are not certain that you have the license to use the music, please replace it with either an original piece of music, or one of the audio files that are marked as “by Roblox” in Toolbox.


Mad props to Roblox for working with APM Music to provide us with free access to hundreds of thousands of tracks!


Oh boy, there go all the radio gamepasses.

Still, congrats on some music for us!


I suppose the boombox as we know it’s changing then. Bit of a shame.

Do wonder what’s to happen with the boombox gears Roblox currently sells in the catalog though, which allow users to freely play IDs of their choosing.


As i’ve mentioned in another post

The word i bolded here is “certain”. It doesn’t say all.

There will still be a huge music library for players to choose from, and as such theres no reason to remove radio gamepasses.


If all the Vevo publisher group thingies are making a joint mass complaint it would be most… #Speculation #WorseCaseSenario


Yeah I’m pretty hyped for a ton of “free” music


So to be 100% clear, if players play their own copyrighted music on a game’s boombox (as in, they manually type in their own ID - the game does not include a song list to choose from), that will cause the game to get flagged?


You may only use tracks in your game that are properly licensed for your game, or that other users have marked as being free to use. You would have to make sure your radio game pass cannot be used to play music that doesn’t meet those criteria.


The automated process will replace certain copyrighted music files on our platform. If a player in your game references the sound ID of one of these music files, they will hear easy listening-style music. Your game will not be held liable for players accessing these copyrighted music files, nor will your ability to DevEx be affected, as long as your game follows the Terms of Service.


Yeah, but there are certain tracks that have a somewhat permitted use on Youtube exclusively, but not on roblox. Unless the Youtube player is a shield for this.