Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action


https://www.roblox.com/library/1848368648/Your-Place-or-Mine Loving the tracks – a lot of good neighborhood / elevator music

– for anyone curious of the new audios: https://www.roblox.com/develop/library?CatalogContext=2&Subcategory=16&CreatorID=1&SortType=3&SortAggregation=5&LegendExpanded=true&Category=9


The Licensed Music that Roblox provides is for all to use as long as they follow the ToS. Players who have purchased Game Passes that allow them to play music in a game can still access the hundreds of thousands of licensed works that are available on Roblox. Developers may offer some fun suggestions of the Licensed Music to their players or work with composers to upload original music for their players to listen to.


god, these are so basic
kind of crap that plays in the background of a TV drama or something


Roblox has had a boombox gear for quite a while, several variations of it even, that all allowed unlicensed tracks to be played though. Did they break their own ToS with that…?



I thought the radio gamepasses would break the 250 song rule


What about Mad Murderer knife?

I think it used GoldenSrc game sounds.


No, it did not. Roblox assumes every user has the license to all content they upload. Up until recently for assets, there was no way to distinguish what was free-to-use audio and what was not because we only had the “free to take” option which could be toggled, it was ambiguous what permissions this implied for other users / Roblox itself.

Recently, they changed the configuration page to change the “free to take” into that other meaning to make this more explicit:

I can imagine the boombox gear will be updated to respect this property, give it some time. (Thanks for adding this to the discussion though!)


Does the 250 limit apply to a single game/universe or a single place?


This limit is per-game (a game being 1 or more places).


Uh-oh, spaghetti-o. There goes a lot of my money spent over the years on uploading audios. Well, I saw this coming anyway; IP has become more of an issue nowadays. As for the 250 limit, does that count towards weapon sounds? I can imagine that some games out there that are heavily influenced by weapons will have a decent amount of sounds.


I think the 250 limit is only for the Licensed Music that Roblox uploaded


Oh, that’s not so bad then. I guess if you really want your own music, you’ll have to learn to make it or pay someone to make it for you.


What if you bought your own license to a music?


Confirming the answer, and will be back with more details on the moderation process!


If you have a license to use the music, you can use it.

Also see here:


This is awesome and i’m very excited for the change.

My largest concern is Roblox’s current search. I will be using the AMP website to find music since that’s their specialty, i’m hoping Roblox is able to pull up the song i’m looking for when I type the title.

So far every song I’ve searched has pulled up within the first few spots.


I’d hope that’s the case for anyone uploading before this change. I’d feel many users not knowing how copyright works, such as kids, would feel quite upset to see their funds have gone down the drain with the audio removed.


Thanks, I didn’t know about the APM search! That’s going to help me find music a lot faster


To expand on this,
I have a library of a few hundred songs, of which I have a license for. I also have around 10,000 sound effects.

Will sound effects generally be impacted? If I have a proof of license and the audio was taken down, will there be an appeal process where I can send my license to Roblox and have the take down lifted?


Would this count for things like Nintendo music, people upload Nintendo music to YouTube and they also upload videos with the music in it. Such as gameplay