Upcoming Music Changes and Copyright Related Action


Will Roblox be taking down audio that has been re-orchestrated (as such music is not a violation of copyright)? As long as I have the rights to use it? ie. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker (Morning Chime) re-orchestrated by ZREO


Performances are copyright to their creators. So, instead of breaking Nintendo’s copyright (although I’m dubious about this ‘it doesn’t break the original owner’s copyright’ thing), you’re breaking the copyright of the performers or whoever else owns the performance.


This is why my church, The Robloxian Christians, has its own license from Christian Copyright Licensing International. Now all of our audios are actually protected. :slight_smile:


Has anyone searched through these songs and found all the ones with lyrics? I’m having trouble searching since it looks for song title before description content so I can’t search key words like lyrics or vocals.


Use the search on the APM website, there are a lot more filters.

Then just find a song you like and search for it in the roblox catalog.


Hey uhm… Before this happened I subscribed to Epidemic Sound, which also grants me royalty free rights forever.

This did cost me a whopping €120 for 1 year. Is this worth to proceed in that case? I don’t want these €120 to go wasted because of this, since I’m already tight on money. The stuff I’d upload from Epidemic Sound are royalty free from what I’ve read due to my subscription.

Edit: Okay so now I read the rules, it appears it’s solely for YT video’s. OOF. I did luckily notice I had a 30-day trail, so no money has been spent yet. :sweat: Time to cancel that then.


plzzzz let us find music by length
most of this is just 30s commercial music which wont be used in many games


Thanks for the suggestion! Could you please add it to the Feature Request section so it doesn’t get lost?



While I fully understand the need for this change, I am also very concerned about the limitations. How are we supposed to make music in games feel natural if it constantly stops for a few seconds only to restart again? This completely breaks the player’s immersion.


That’s what I’ve been concerned about as well.
Is it possible to have future options that let you choose between the .ogg and .mp3 format on the sounds itself?


It appears all the APM music songs haven’t been tagged with a genre. So now I’d have to listen to all of those songs in order to find the ones I need. Could this be fixed please?


Could we get a PM telling us which audio is flagged and give us a week to fix it?
Having a big game makes it hard to keep track of old assets and there might be something you’re not using still lying around somewhere.

Not to mention false flags, giving us time to appeal before our whole game is falsely removed.

Please consider this.


There should be output warnings indicating if this is the case soon.


Not just when you play the sound I hope? But just for the sound existing ingame?


I would really appreciate this! It would help clear up a lot of confusion, especially for many of those that have replied to this thread (and like myself) that do not know whether any of their audio will be removed. Much better system to go about this then a simple blanket wipeout (not to mention many users on the site who are not developers who have no idea bout this announcement) …


Are media content creators allowed to use the APM songs in their videos/streams? E.g. We use APM song(s) in our games (Within the licensing guidelines), X streamer does a recording and uploads it to YouTube/Twitch (W/the APM songs being recorded alongside the stream) - would they face repercussions for using said audio?


With this music change, it begs an important question that most of us are probably asking ourselves now. Does Roblox finally plan to take action against games in general that violate the copyright and trademarks of games, products, and brands such as Pokemon?


I know I am late to the party, but I have a question regarding the automated process.

I have permission from a band to use their music on the Roblox platform and such, however there is no way for Roblox to know that I have permission to use the copyrighted material. How will that work, in terms of will it be removed or not.


it’ll probably be removed and you’d probably have to email or contact them about it to get it restored


Email devrel;