Upcoming Optimization to Collision Detection System - Beta Test on Mac Clients soon

The Polar Express lookin kind of weird.

this is a good place to try it

I just enabled this on Windows Player.

So for now, this is enabled on all Mac Roblox Player and Windows Roblox Player sessions (Non-Windows 10 store, player).

Please let me know of any newly discovered issues if any arise.

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Could you please disable this update for my game 6104994594? A lot of players are complaining that their boats are sinking (like they did with the Mac bug) and my player count has significantly dropped!

Just like previously, the bug doesn’t seem to affect everyone. I was only able to reproduce it on one of my other accounts:

I’ve disabled the update due to this and a number of other reports. Going to investigate now.


@rickje139 @CaptainMarcin @Iogician @TheKgroup

Just a heads up. I will be re-enabling on Windows PC Players (Not Windows 10 Store app) and Mac PC Players in a few hours. I will ping you a second time once it is enabled so that you can report issues to me faster.

Again: I have not enabled it yet, will enable in the next few hours and ping again. This is just a heads up!

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Windows PC Players (Not windows 10)?
What do you mean by this?

Will it be enabled for every platform except for windows 10?
The only devices i own have windows 10.

Updated description. I meant not the Windows 10 store app, which is different from the regular Roblox player client on PC.

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Could I be opted in to this beta? My place ID is: 6004108409

This seems like something I’d love reverse engineering, if you know what I mean :rofl:

@rickje139 @CaptainMarcin @Iogician @TheKgroup

This is now enabled. @nulTheoryz anyone with a Mac or Windows player should have this enabled. I’m no longer opting people in.


Is there a way i can test the old method and the new optimization?

Someone might have found an issue, but i cant confirm it as i dont know what it used to be like.
There is nothing i can use to compare it.

The person who was experiencing an issue told me that when he started rotating a hingeconstraint, the collision would not move together with the visuals.

Game mechanic:
Whenever he wants to rotate the hingeconstraint, a weld constraint becomes disabled and allows him to rotate the hingeconstraint, once he stops moving the hingeconstraint, the weldconstraint turns on again.

I cant confirm if its because of the new optimization or if its my fault.
I would need the ability to compare the vehicle with the old method and the new method to confirm it.

He showed me this:

I am also noticing the server being way laggier than it used to be before for some reason, people keep freezing in place every 10-35 seconds in a really busy server, it used to be a lot less.

Im not sure if its actually being caused by the improvements as i cant compare the 2 versions.

If there is a way you can test this in Studio, Studio currently has the optimization disabled.

ACPBvhUpdateTest.rbxl (28.5 KB)

I also added a quick test like this to make sure this doesn’t break.

I need a way to either test both version in studio or ingame.

Some bugs just never appear in studio, yet they appear ingame.

Not sure if your game is popular or not, but perhaps that server is outdated and needs a reboot?

It was a newly created VIP server.

The game also has 115M+ visits.

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Hm strange I personally haven’t messed with this much or seem many changes In my game so I can’t give much feed back., Also congratulations to your 115M. I’m a little over 1.2k so I’m slowly getting somewhere.

Servers are not involved for now, old vs new shouldn’t matter.

Servers are not involved for now, old vs new shouldn’t matter.

What do you mean by this?
Involved in what?