Upcoming updates + features to The Riddle Obby

Upcoming updates + features to The Riddle Obby.

PS: Important Notice!

This post represents what is planned, under construction, and completed. With all means, most features will mostly take a long time to make, or simply never make it. So keep in mind, not everything may come, but is planned. This thread may be updated from time to time

:red_circle: Planned updates:

Will allow you to play with X amount of players, and make rooms with people you either invite or publicly open. Will give a 10-20% cash boost, but 10% harder riddles, challenges, and quests.

Leaderboards will be a way for players to fight for the top spaces! With over X amount of spots on the leaderboards, players will be able to fight to the top! Currently planned within speed and how much you got correct, as well with rebirths if that makes it

Sandbox (Buildmode)
This will allow players to create original, unique stages related to riddles, challenges or quest. Maybe some of them also will get a spot in the own game?

Currencies (Coins, Diamonds, etc)
With currencies, the players will get an X amount of the either one of the planned currencies. With this money, they can buy access to new stages, unlock new content, and more! Currently planned within Coins, Diamonds, and Emeralds

Rebirth will be a way for users to access more content, get cool rewards, and more. With rebirths, players can get access to rebirth-only places, boosts, and more.

Smooth animations
Smooth animations will bring back very cool animation effects between going through frames, clicking buttons, hovering over something, and more.

Premium benefits
Make and add more benefits to Roblox Premium members, as well with players that owns our Premium game pass. Some of these benefits could be (but not limited to); boosts, premium-only area, access to early content, and more.

Advanced Game option
This option will allow you to play in a 3D-digital world, instead of playing a 2D-UI based world. Currently only planned within challenges and quests, but may open to more. May also be restricted to game-pass owners

Extreme Version
The extreme versions on Riddles, Challenges, and Quests will be nearly IMPOSSIBLE for ANYONE to beat! It will be available on Riddles, Challenges, and Quests, but may also be accessible via game pass.

Rounds & Gamemodes
Players can either choose to stay within the classic, original world of The Riddle Obby, or get teleported to brand new, completely different version of it. It will support a variety of different gamemodes, teams, and teams. They will also get to choose if they want to go with Riddles, Challenges, or Quest.

Riddles - Hard Stage
An even more difficult version of the Riddles category.

Challenges (Easy, Medium, Hard)
Challenges will be a way for users to interact and do some cool and epic type of challenges within the game. Within this, challenges will be something such as (but not limited to); guess the word, guess the character, fill in the words, find the missing piece, help NPCs, and more.

Quests (Easy, Medium, Hard

:orange_circle: Under Construction

Riddles - Medium Stage
More difficult riddles and some new content.

Overhaul of Riddles - Easy Stage
Update the current version of the easy Riddle stage to the new look.

UI Overhaul
Completely overhaul the game’s UI-design with something brand new!

:green_circle: Completed!

Riddles - Easy Stage
The easiest riddle stage of them all!

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