Upcomming Horror game by flashlight studio. looking for developers

The day is a wounderful horror game

our Goal is to Make The next generation of horror games on roblox platform

we are looking for Advance Scripters and Modlers and Ui designers and Builders

some examples of the day https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3VKdsUcpaQ

About Us

hello we are Flashlight studio our goal is to make The next generation of horror games on roblox platform. we are working on a game Called The Day.

The Team
@alexxk5 - Environment Design
@you - modler
@you - builder
@you - scripter
@you - scripter

You can see our progress so far here: https://www.roblox.com/games/4757275119/The-Day

About The Job

we are looking for advanced scripters and builders that will spent time on this project

we are looking for long term developers that will work hard no matter what and put some soul into this project like i did - alexxk5


this project is more about making the best horror game so there is reasons to play Roblox. but I’m sure we can do some payment in % form the game earnings

Contact Us

u can contact me/us on twitter or by adding me on discord

twitter: https://twitter.com/alexxk51

discord: alexxk52#0299
Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:



Good person to work with, I recommend working with him!

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I really love the idea of the game and the ui but is there a way we can negotiate about percentages because I think its to much of a risk but if the payment is up front I would be more than glad to apply as builder depending on the payment

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maybe read before you say anything. this is not about money

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If you’re looking for long term developers and not doing this for money you won’t get that much people, are more people tend to make more profit from games, but good luck finding people.

damn i seem interested into scripting.

I’m interested in scripting for you guys. I’ve sent you a FR on Discord.

What if the game flops, will there still be any direct payment for the work put into it?

I’m interested in modeling. @RainbowStachioStachio#2072, we’ll discuss payment through discord. Please friend me.

Hey I sent a request interested in 3d modeling! Horror is the genre i work best in so I’m looking forward to working with you! please respond as soon as you can to my discord friend request Dunkels#9244

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