[UPD 5] Action Zombie Game (Feedback Needed)

Another week, another update, been working hard on new features and map improvements, i encourage you to try out the game if you haven’t already and provide feedback/suggestions, every week i implement suggestions and my own ideas to continue improving the game.

What has been added in this update

  • Headshot hit marker and special death animation. It’s so much fun head shotting zombies now that i almost exclusively aim for their heads, also sniper rifle has become 100 times enjoyable.

  • Post round summary and bonus cash for performance. Since i changed the round system from amount base to time based i’ve been wanting to add some sort of reward mechanic for those who try harder and carry the rounds, so i implemented this summary with rewards, looks awful right now but i will improve it.

  • Map improvements: The map had been looking the same empty box since i uploaded the first alpha a month ago, so give it some life to add to the survive the night vibe. Like dead bodies, crashed chopper, and a cemetery from where the zombos spawn.

What im currently working on:

  • More map building.
  • Add zombie stat scaling.
  • Add weapon and level progression instead of starting with everything.

Hope you enjoy the game and stay tuned for the next update. Thank you!


Alright great improvements i had played in your UPD 3, and seen a lot of new stuff, the headshot kills are addictive i agree lol, but yeah the post game summary looks a bit rough around the edges, also it’s a bit confusing the headshot stat is headshot kills not just headshots so mayeb something to improve upon.
Oh another thing i think the map feels a bit claustrophobic now that there is a cemetery and invisible walls on the sides, maybe make it wider or longer (or both?), and zombies seemed to flood the walls too fast too but i guess that’s part of the map size issue so revisit it if you make some changes.
That’s it i think keep it up!

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Hey thanks for the feedback just got back to the forums, yeah im working on zombie scaling and might tweak the map a little bit too so it’s not so small, also made the zombies a bit slower so there is more time to snipe them before they reach the wall. Hope you will play the next update.


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Oh forgot to mention i really like the sniper changes, it was the only weapon i felt underpowered and that’s not what i would expect from a sniper, so good job on that too!. For sure i will play next update can’t wait to have some sort of progression to differentiate newcomers from veterans.