[Update #1] Thumbnail Feedback


After the constructive criticism and the support I’ve recived I decided to continue my work, this is the new render I’ve managed to make today.

My questions:

  • Are there too many particles?
  • Is the lighting good this time around?
  • Does the color scheme suits the theme?
  • What should i do next?

The first post

Hello there!
Today I’ve just learned about blender’s render posibilities/nodes so i’ve come up with this:

My questions:

  • How does it look?
  • What should I improve on it?
  • Shall I continue doing this?

Any constructive criticism would be apreciated. I’m fairly new in blender, about 1 week and i’m looking forward for tips&tricks.

I want to thank you guys for your constructive criticism and feedback, it gaved me an confidence boost and i am willing to continue! I’ll post future renders in similar threads like this one.


It looks awesome - I love the little particles flowing around.

However, I can’t say that I’m a very big fan of the white outline around the object. To me, it just seems sort of out of place.

Overall, a great piece. Keep going!

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Hi @PapaTheCaptain! Your render looks awesome. The one suggestion I have is to fix the white glare on the blade itself. Other than that, like @NINJAMASTR999 has said the white outline (though nice) does not fit with your render itself, as it makes it look like your rig is in the background of the image. My last recommendation, is to mess with the colors a little more, as there seems to be to much red, and black in the image (try a dark blue, with the weapon, while keeping the rig the same color; you can try other colors, of course, but I think blue would work best).


This is very good. Here are your answers.

  • It looks fantastic. Particles and lights fit perfectly.

  • Outline should be also orange, not white, or you can just get rid of it. It’s not necessary.

  • Of course, you should. Your GFXs are outstanding.

Keep up the good work, cheers!


The particles look especially great, I would definitely keep making GFX’s like these! One thing to improve on, like other people have said, is to remove the outline.

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i think it looks amazing, really great job, especially the depth.

while i like the outline, i think you should remove it from the lower half of the staff (rhymes), also maybe take down the fog just a notch.

if in 1 week you can do this, i cant wait to see what you later.

(reposting more detailed reply)

for the second one (SHOULD probba;y be its own topoic)

not to many particles, but i think you should have them in the background just a bit more.
lighting looks awesome.
color scheme suits just fine, but i think you should maybe add some detail to the cube.

i think you might find it interesting to tr something with water next.


Wow, I’m quite impressed with the high quality render. I could say, you do have a bright future in designing graphics. I can’t wait to see more GFXs from you. Okay, here is a feedback from me: remove the outline; like other people have said.