[UPDATE 3] nickibreeki's FPS Template Overhauled

Hi there,

Thank you for noticing this. Currently, I am working on update 4, which will be a polished version of the template. Everything will be addressed!

However, update 4 is highly delayed right now… i’m unable to release! :crying_cat_face:


Get well soon! I love the latest release and updates. The project is turning into a wonderful resource.

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does this kit or the original version support different ammo or bullet types like shotguns

Well… probably in the next update, I guess…? I’m still taking a break due to some real-life issues right now, so I’m unable to continue with Update 4 :sad:


will you add recoil recentering (camera returns to original pos after firing) and make it a setting?

Nice! I have heard that Roblox have choosen your Template! Oh this is coming together all nicely.

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Dev Build Version is now rolling out! :blush:

This version **isn't suitable for your game development**. Please use it at your own risk! **Dev Build** is an unfinished product version of "Studio Release."

If you want to use it for your own game, please grab that version instead of this one! Thank you!

VVVVVV (Streamable link sometimes not embed for you, Try to click on “External Media” to watch the video) VVVVVV

External Media

VVVV Sometimes streamable is took a time to load for you, Maybe you can visit my Twitter Tweet Since it’s compression video VVVV

What’s new?

  • Sniper Feature (Animation being animated by @DrissySmh)
  • Steady Feature for Sniper
  • Rework of the way Recoil acts
  • Shotgun Feature will be introduced soon…
  • Recoil Recenter will be introduced soon…
  • [Bug fixed] Every time you equip the item, sometimes it will play the Inspect Animation for no reason

Attributions for this Resource

@DrissySmh — Sniper Rifle Animations
@Roblox — FPS Template Resource, Sniper Rifle Model

— Thread created on 8th July 2024

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nice cant wait to see how recoil will work in the next update

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melee weapons would be sick, also this is an awesome system compared to free/paid ones I have used in the past. Keep up the good work, this definitely surpasses fe gunkit. (one thing I would also like to say, is you should implement a system where when holding m1, after said equipped time, the player should be able to shoot their gun, rather than having to m1 after said duration)