[Update 4] Spells Power

Hey Devs,

I’m working on a new solo game project, and i’m looking for feedback about my Spells Power.

This post will be updated each time i made a new spell power. Then you can tell me your feedback and suggestions for all of them.

(Q) = Ability 1
(E) = Ability 2
(F) = Ultimate Ability

Royal Knight

New Character Animations Soon

(Q) Triple Slash

(E) Divine Swords

(F) Blades Storm

Infernal Revenant

Still working on it

(Q) Fireball - Soon
(E) Flamestrike - Soon
(F) Infernal Minions - Soon

New Hero (Soon)

(Q) Soon
(E) Soon
(F) Soon

:heartpulse: Thanks for reading and telling me your feedback !


10/10 because it looks amazing, and because you bullied the furry.


Just a small idea when the spell is used in the open,

Have it disappear gradually and not just end suddenly,

Other than that, looks great.

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It’s a good idea, i will change it, thanks !

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UI looks great, and the spell looks pretty good. Maybe adding a dim point light could make it pop more aswell.

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This is amazing, I like it. And I agree with SquidyCakez, having some sort of bloom or light for the spell would be icing on the cake

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@SquidyCakez - @ZicZacAndZincSoul
Okay i will add a light, thanks for this suggestions !


  • Point Light added
  • The spell now disappear gradually instead of disappearing suddenly

Looks good! Though here are my opinions, Make a part of the wave closest to the character smaller, And for the damage indicators try to make them not only float or move up, Make them go down ,up,left and right! Also when you look at the end of the “power” it always goes straight, try to make it vary.

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Updated - Divine Swords

Updated - Blades Storm