Update All for packages is way too slow

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too time consuming to use the Update All option in Studio when trying to update packages. It takes absolutely ages for something I need to do super frequently when iterating, and when I’m just trying to update a small number of packages, this amount of time is disproportionate and deeply irritating. Selecting packages and choosing “get latest package” is super fast for the same number of updates.

I have a single-place experience, I don’t need the functionality of searching for subplaces and updating packages in all of them, I don’t need Studio to push a new place version to the cloud (since I’m currently editing the place anyway), or whatever else it could possibly be doing.

Having to use Get Latest instead of Update All so that I can keep up my iteration speed forces me to organize my workspace with folders for each specific package type, rather than in more useful, functional arrangements (e.g. by physical area). I would need to individually hunt down each package if I were to organize it this way, or craft and wait for a slow search query.

I just need a button that lets me update all of the packages in the place I’m currently editing. I want the functionality of “get latest for selected”, but for all copies of that package in the current place instead.

Please make Update All faster, or add this as a toggle to the Update All modal so I can choose whether or not I need Studio to spend extra time in the cloud or working on other places.


I decided to use packages in my game since it has many places and I figured this would be faster than copy-pasting assets into each place. But given how slow Update All is, I don’t think it’s much better.

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I’m having a similar issue. I didn’t even make that large of a change but it’s still taking extremely long to update my packages.