[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

It’s not by me there’s some that do not have a play button


the issues most people are complaining about better be a bug

hoping for a fix

aaand plz at least allow us to load the AUDIOS WE UPLOADED for group games WE OWN or HAVE EDIT PERMISSIONS TO

it honestly sounds very off to not have that feature included by default

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Today’s the day.

When does it start?

It already went through I think

It all ready started


I don’t understand why I am unable to grant my group experience the ability to use my profile’s sounds. I have specifically granted my universes the ability to use the audio, yet the audio discovery plugin still shows the red X, for many other sounds as well. Please advise.

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dude awesome so many things are broken!
you cant even play funky friday now lol


That’s a visual bug or an unintended feature, I’m sure that only shows audios that last more than 6 seconds.

Same thing for the “grant permissions to all” pop-up when publishing, it’s such a confusion when trying to find IDs to change.

Literally 9 audios out of 10 I find there are uploaded by me and are granted permission, they also play in game.

I’m not so sure, it might just be a fluke right now. Music files from my inventory are working on a friends’ game, even though I don’t have edit access to the place. I also didn’t authorize their use.

It still won’t load my song even when the marketplace went back up. Let me paly my song roblxo pls

Seems my audio does not work on my own game, even though I already gave it permission.

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That probably confirms it then, the deafening hasn’t happened yet and it’s just Roblox’s marketplace screwing up.

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I deafening has already happened. It’s just everything else broke at the same time. Actually I think its gradually happening

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Wow! Just like I said, it did happen according to the image below. Told you IDs would be useless now!

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How else do I load my music in then? I can’t do it locally or it won’t play for other people.

I’ll wait until it’s properly integrated before making changes, just to ensure nothing is messing up.

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If anyone has scripts that play audio I recommend putting this before the audio

If sound.IsLoaded then

you never know when your audio is just gonna not work for whatever reason
Also, maybe add an else with a placeholder song just for extras


It would’ve been nice if all games up till now, would auto-accept any (VALID) sounds to preserve their functionality, and any future edits require new audio to be allowed.

It kinda sucks that all these old games that won’t get updates have basically been ruined by this update and the complete disregard for this platforms history.

There are alot of creators who aren’t around anymore either from leaving the platform, or could’ve passed on and their works are now all ruined.


what are you on about lol they literally said audio <6s wouldn’t be privated but they privated them.


Seems to work for me now.

The problem is the very confusing “grant permission” and crossed IDs in the plugin.

I am asked to grant permission for audios shorter than 6 seconds that are public for everyone by default, which then floods the output with failure errors.

I managed it with some annoyance on my side, but what about people who have a bigger project with a lot of audios they don’t own mixed with a lot of audios they DO own?