[Update] Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Thank god SFX will be fine, I can bear with roblox music.

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This is a plausible waiting time, I got very worried at the beginning because anything more than half a month would have been a disaster.

Thank you for the clarification, much appreciated for planning etc…

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What was given there was just an example of one way to use the permissions. As long as you have edit access to both the asset and the consuming universe you can grant usage permission.


I’ve heard it depends on if you’ve used Devex before. Not certain, but it’s what most people seem to say

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What about radios? @maximum_adhd made a very good suggestion on what should happen next with radios here. Do you guys think you will mess/tinker with concepts like this one for radios or just leave it alone for right now?


Once again, there absolutly nothing related to audio engineer and music composers.
As if we were forgotten, you are putting another axe in our body, not only have you completly ruined our buiseness, but you are also not giving a single damn about our community.

Ok, the small devs that want to make their game won’t have to bother about sound design or music.
But for the big games that we usually work with, do you really think they are going to pay someone for something they can get for free? You don’t seem to realise how much it’s going to affect us, and truth be told, I myself already lost a few clients just because of this update, people that rather get one of the 100k sound effects.

Once again, the audio community has been forgotten from roblox.


Will this be include in the first update around the permissions? Because that’s very good news, meaning we don’t need to move our audio and development games to the main group.

That’s great!!

I think that should be clarified in the OP since they mentioned “Personal account” and from what happened in the past, we can’t give access to Packages cross groups iircc so that had me very worried.

I also have a lot of SFX that are well over 6 seconds because I use an Audio Sprite system, I’ll need a lot of assistant from the dedicated team.

anyways thank you for clarifying and well done on the plugin!


Is there any talk about an update to the audio library system?

Especially now with over 100k new audio sfx, the current search makes it near impossible to find anything you actually want. The audio that has been officially uploaded by Roblox all have meta data already in the description. It would be nice if we could search audio with those same tags. In fact, I would consider that essential.

Audio type, duration, genre, library, album, copyright, or any other available and searchable data. This is critical for both sfx and music.


Yes, people will pay for what they can’t get for free and that is custom-made assets because those Audio are made specifically for that game.

I have used a lot of audio libraries and it is a PAINFUL process to find audio that fits my game, if I can have it tailor-made for my game then that would make things so much easier for me.


What about group → group? For instance, if 100 audios are in use by one group but the owner of the group wants to use those audios in another group (that they own), would that be possible with this permission system?

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This is great to hear! Will we be able to manage multiple audio assets at once, or will we have to go through each asset’s individual configure page to change permissions? The former would help a ton with making this update easier to integrate for developers.


I know a lot of people who have the 2000 limit but have never used DevEx before

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I see next to zero significance in this announcement and the changes, but I’m glad to know our outrage wasn’t completely ignored. Sigh, we shall see how this goes.

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Regarding audio breaking scripts:

I tested this last week and my script would break with a bogus audio id. I tested it again after the last client release and it seems the missing audio does NOT break the script.

Can someone else test and verify this? If so, this is good news for keeping functioning(while maybe quieter) abandoned games.


Did you miss the announcement of 100k sfx?

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Is it just me or do the audio upload limits look discriminatory?

Creators under 13 can’t upload more than 10 per month and 13+ creators can only upload more than 10 per month if they verify their ID (unless they get the secret 2000 per month). Age restrictions have been an understandable thing for the different levels of chat filtering, but audio uploads? Really?

Despite the theory of it combatting bots, I feel like it should have been a Premium benefit instead, or, repetitive uploads could have costed Robux like badges.


This was exactly what many creators needed. Thank you for the hard work and support!


The 100,000 sfx they are uploading tonight will knock a huge dent in the number of required uploads for a lot of games that can swap out their sfx.(even if its temporary while they wait for more upload slots)


The issue with stock SFX is that while they do cover general use cases, it’s similar to the song situation. Yes, you can listen to a song similar to your favorite song, but it won’t feel the same.