Update Children to Move and Rotate with animation of Blender Import (How)

First time posting on here… So I am going to just verbatim fill out the prompt.

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    I have a Hex Tile that I animate by setting the Animation then setting Animation Play speed to 0
    I then set the Time based on some distance values of the player. This much of the code works great.

Then issue I am having is that when I rotate the model via its animation(bone animated in blender)
I do not know how to rotate objects with it. Its like they ignore its rotations.

I noticed that the object really does not rotate but only the bone which is fine. How can I make, say A tree that I add rotate with the Tile?

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Objects within the tile need to rotate with the tile via the Bone Orientation.

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I have attempted the following

  1. add Attachments to both the bone and the tree then use AlignOrientation

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Per the video I wish to have the objects I place onto the tile to keep orientation with the tile. I want to add and build these tiles at the time of building the level So I want to be able to assemble them via LUA and add and setup what is needed. this way I can have the tiles build a world from a table.

I can do the rest just need the objects to keep orientation.

-- This is an example Lua code block

   animationTrack.TimePosition=("Percent times length of Animation")

Please do not ask people to write entire scripts or design entire systems for you. If you can’t answer the three questions above, you should probably pick a different category.

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The first part of the video where the grass and tree are rotating as expected is simply me rotating the tile within the studio outside of play.

Children work as expected within studio but need more once you hit play.

Unity3d is my background so this is a little new to me.

The entire model needs to be in one armature.

What if I wish to have a tile and then swap out the items I place on top of it.

Like I would if I was simply tweening the object instead of doing animations? At that point the attached objects rotate with it.

Use AlignPosition/AlignOrientation constraints

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