[ UPDATE ] Classic Animation Editor


Hello, everyone!

I’d like to announce my newest plugin, the classic animation editor (with a few tweaks.) I made this right before the current one was implemented.

I plan on adding more features to it eventually.

[ UPDATE, 10/30/2018 ]
-Added Anthro / RThro Rig section


can we get this in #developer-hub-documentation:community-tutorials-resources for non-members too? i know a few devs outside of the forum who’d like this

It also generally seems like a more appropriate place for this item.


I have made the transition.

Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:


New update, guys!


nice plugin!!

I’m not a big fan of the new animation editor myself, so this’ll be useful. ;>


Haha thanks.

You have any suggestions for it, Fenne?