[ UPDATE ] Classic Animation Editor

Hello, everyone!

I’d like to announce my newest plugin, the classic animation editor (with a few tweaks.) I made this right before the current one was implemented.

I plan on adding more features to it eventually.

[ UPDATE, 10/30/2018 ]
-Added Anthro / RThro Rig section


can we get this in #developer-hub-documentation:community-tutorials-resources for non-members too? i know a few devs outside of the forum who’d like this

It also generally seems like a more appropriate place for this item.


I have made the transition.

Thanks for the suggestion. :slight_smile:


New update, guys!

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nice plugin!!

I’m not a big fan of the new animation editor myself, so this’ll be useful. ;>

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Haha thanks.

You have any suggestions for it, Fenne?

Hi @TheRings0fSaturn !

I’ve been using this plugin for quite some time now, and over these past few years, I have encountered many bugs that, well, hindered progress in some projects of mine.

Now before I start listing out bugs, let me say that this plugin is pretty good, but the bugs kind of hold it back.
Here are the main three, that I’ve encountered multiple times.

(also apologies for poor video quality)



As seen in the video, during playback, the LowerTorso playback position is not accurate to the preview and I’ve had to do some wacky workarounds for this.


This bug isn’t as bad as the others, but it’s still a weird bug nonetheless that happens way too often when changing animation length. (I do recall it breaking one of my animations once)


The character gets stuck in the last position you set them in, which messes with the original rig. Now this bug has messed up some of my animations a couple of times.

Let me remind you that I really like this plugin you made, since I’m not too fond of the new one myself, and this really helped me with many projects, but these bugs are really starting to get out of hand, especially when it crashed studio on multiple occasions.

Anyways, really good stuff you got here, can’t wait to see what other things you add to this plugin! :slight_smile:

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I use this plugin a lot and for some reason when i move a part it doesn’t let me select it unless i move around in a certain position which can be pretty frustrating.

And why are the little green spheres so small?.. It makes it hard to rig at some points please fix this bug :sweat_smile:

UPDATE | 4/16/2023

  • Added ability to quickly make statues out of a rig.
  • Remade icon

Hello! i love your animator and i use it ever since i started developing in roblox in 2018.
But there are a few things that would be neat if they were added and would make it even better than roblox’s default animator.
One would be fixing the timeline’s numbers for seconds, they are always mixing over each other sinde an update around 2021/2022, this didn’t happen before.

And other would be add the newest priorities!
Which were implemented onto the roblox animator way late.
having Action2, Action3 and Action4 would be a life-saving.


i always use your plugin and is my favorite by choice, if there were a way to support you i would, lmk!
Thanks for reading

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I’ll definitely look into fixing the display and adding the new action codes!

Thanks for the feedback! :smiley: