Update cookie automatically?

I am not sure where this topic should go. If it doesn’t belong in here and should be in another category, please tell me so I can move it to other categories .
Recently I made a Roblox bot via glitch for an auto rank quiz centre using noblox.js. As all of you should know there is an important cookie :ROBLOSECURITY which is used to log in the bot automatically .
I found that the bot always goes down in around a day,so I would have to manually update the cookie. To be honest it’s really annoying to do it every time,so I searched up on Dev forum and found a post ‘cookie pool system’.

I realised it could automatically update the cookie, the thing is I have no idea where to put the code. I tried to put the script in server.js but it doesn’t work. Can anyone tell me how do I put the code into the pack.

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