[UPDATE] Cordilleran Battlegrounds Docs & Information


Version 1.2.0 is here. Read below for the patch notes.


Version - 1.2.0

  • Reworked weapon system (Q to switch from damage to heals)
  • Redone GUI
  • New overtime (team that owns the hill at the end of the round time has the chance to hold it until they win, upon the loss of the point the game ends)
  • New weapon models
  • Redone client systems
  • Reworked anti-cheat
  • Removed intros and group-based logos built into the map
  • Weapon balancing

Version - 1.0.0

  • Custom Cursors
  • Medi Gun Auto-Lock


What is Cordillera Battlegrounds? Well, Cordillera Battlegrounds is a multi-use ‘capture the hill’ battlefield, with a bunch of customizable features to make your raid/defense/tryout as easy and smooth as possible. Cordillera Battlegrounds is meant to be used on a VIP server, all VIP server owners get ‘Creator Admin’. VIP servers cost 10 Robux.



:setcursor number/default - Used to set your own custom cursor when using weapons.


:official - Used to start a raid.
:unofficial - Used to end a raid. Can be used before the timer runs out.
:autoteams true/false - Will players be automatically teamed with the raid is set to official?
:sethilltime seconds - Used to set how long a team needs to hold the hill for to win.
:setraidtime seconds - Used to set how long the raid will last if no team can hold the hill.


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