Update Credit Card page only allows entering expiration dates for cards between 2011 and 2022

On the Update Credit Card page the expiration date drop down list for year only allows entering of years between 2011 and 2022.

This means 7 of the 12 years you can enter are for expired cards. Also, cards will soon begin being issued (if they haven’t already) that expire in 2023 or later.



My card I just got expires in 2023 – already rolling out. Roblox should probably just use a textbox for Expiration Date so it doesn’t need to be updated every year. They can give a warning if the expiration date is expired, again saving them the need to update the page every year.


Currently in the same boat, mine expires in 2023. Hopefully this gets fixed soon.

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That was fast…


When the bug report is “I want to give you money but you’re not letting me.”


LOL I love it!

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can’t upgrade from my lifetime BC :frowning:
been waiting for a while

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You reported this in a separate thread?


nope, I did tell about it to a web engineer though. He told me that he brought it back up a while ago.

EDIT: forgot to mention that it has been known for a while

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That’s a different page. This issue is on this update credit card page:

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Ohhh wow. That page looks a little outdated style wise too. I didn’t even know it existed. How do you get there?

I see. I’ll make sure to forward it to the right people.

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A button to it shows in the sidebar of the Upgrade page.


I think it might only show if you have an active Builders Club subscription.

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Thank you!

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Mine as well expires in 2023, so thank goodness that was fixed!