UPDATE : Feedback on my first sci-fi hallway!

I’m scripter and I’m learning building too so I want ask you guys for feedback or what to improove!
There is it!

Thank for any feedback!


Overall It’s a good build at the start. But i feel like you can definitely improve upon this build.

Perhaps you could add more details to the ceiling lights and possibly even add dim floor lights depending on the style you’re aiming for. In terms of the building itself, I’d recommend adding some more details to the walls because the pipes aren’t very noticeable i see it kinda blends in with the floor consider moving them more in the door are add a cover over the pipes.

In my opinion it looks a very bare looking even though you seem new to building you did to the best of your own abilities. Perhaps something along the lines of pipes, vents, steel flooring and maybe small lights added to the ceiling and walls. Here is a reference image you could possibly use this will be used as a guide to those important objects. Other than you did a decent job!


For your first hallway this is fantastic, I think that you have plenty of potential and I would really like for you to keep posting your creations! I will suggest a few things to you though, well as my self a builder I would really work on playing with lighting. One more tip I would suggest is adding ROBLOXs materials to the interior such as Metal, Studded Plate, Glass, etc. I wish you the best of luck with your builds, have fun!

Thats quite nice… I’ll show you my first sci-fi hall way, I made a few months ago out of boredom. its incomplete, but maybe you can take some inspiration from it, (take note I used a bit of blender on it, and its also a very basic build which is perfect for starters) :


That’s really impressing for your first hallway, I can definitely agree to everyone else that has already replied to this post with their tips and possible inspiration from their past projects; I’ll make a small list of the things that you might want to add:

  • Better lighting, some type of dark-ish colours that would fit with the style that you’re aiming for upon the final result
  • More detail, sci-fi hallways or basically anything that is styled like that always needs some detail, use neon parts more often and make sure that people would enjoy walking around that place
  • If you’re going to build a whole map that is connected to that hallway, add some type of instruction signs, considering that you’ve said you’re also a scripter, you can try scripting some type of GUI that pops up with rules & info regarding the place that the player is about to enter.

That’s about it that I could think of, I hope this helped! It you need more ideas, make sure to look at some youtube tutorials or look for more similar projects on the forum.

Looks very neat if you are just starting to build and want to learn in. Here are some pieces of advice:

  • I would suggest adding a lot more details, as you are just starting, it would be a great to add details to everything you build as details to add some kind of atmosphere which can’t be explained in words.

  • Making sure that the floor and the ceiling don’t look the same, too. If you add different style for one of them or just make both of them differ from each other, then, in my opinion, it could be improved a lot!

  • Making sure that there are no bugs, I have already noticed one which could be easily fixed.


That’s all I could have thought of, some of the advice I have stated have been already given by other people. Hope any of those could help!

I edited it so you can now suggest or feedback this!

Make sure the distances between the red things on the ground are equal, also its tad-bit too dark. The pipes can use some detail.

It may just be me but the neon is too bright for a dark setting, I suggest changing the transparency of the neon to something like 0.3, this will reduce the glow and make the build look much cleaner.