(Update!) FNAF Cameras!


I have been working on, only for less than an hour, on making working FNAF Style cameras!

Let’s take a look at what they can do:

Yeah, thanks for being interested, and I hope you use it for either educational purposes or for your game!

Do not attempt to pass this as your own work, if unmodified

Here is the full model for those interested:

Thanks for using it!

Any feedback would be most greatful

Update Log:

Update 1:
Rec Image added
Bobbing effect added to cameras

You may wish to reinstall the model upon update


I am working on more updates for this as well.


Nice resource! I’m too lazy to create my own camera system, i just want to tell you that FNAF has a “Bobbing” effect in it’s cameras, something like this:
But thanks for your contribution!

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Yeah, they do.

I am working on making that actually, so thanks!

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Would be nice if you added the GUI that shows, Where it says “Rec” and maybe add the static too.

So far so good :smile::+1:

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Yeah, as I said, I am working on it. The first version was just scripts, but effects are coming!

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Thank you so much! I’ve trying to find a way ti make cameras but I was unlucky to not find one, until now!
Don’t worry I will credit you

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I recall making my own system many years ago which I released. I also had a paid version, but that was unbelievably silly of me. Nowadays I wouldn’t do that: I’m more of a FOSS developer now. I will still sell things on occasion but typically those are preassembled versions.

Just a little memory I dug up after seeing this in the recent threads list. Awesome work, keep it up. :smile:

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Thank you!

It means a lot when anyone says that, but especially a higher rank in post approval team!

I will, so thanks!


See above for info on the latest update!

Thanks for all of your support so far!

Your wish has come true,

Bobbing is now here!

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